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on May 7, 2014

#2 D 1891 by William Morrison of Des Moines
#3 B Ohm´s Law
#4 A 1mA DC @100V to 100000 body resistance
#5 D on the Fox River Appleton 30 Sept 1832
#6 C
#7 B only in United States
#8 C as a merge of AIEE /1884) and IRE (1912)
#9 B
#10 B

on Jun 2, 2014

Keep these quizzes coming. This is great stuff to teach apprentices to see where we've come from.

on Aug 7, 2014

I'll take issue with 5mA being the threshold of sensation for men, too. I teach this stuff and virtually every reference I've ever seen puts it at around 1mA for men and a bit less for women. It's also why UL puts a leakage current limit of 0.75mA on listed 2-prong appliances. Personal experience also bears this out. At 5mA, you will definitely want to let go as soon as possible! And at 5mA arm-to-arm, breathing can be arrested in some sensitive people. Someone needs to take fact-checking a bit more seriously at EC&M!

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