I found this odd pairing in front of a midtown bowling alley and bistro. Several flexible cords were routed inside these sidewalk drains and used to energize receptacles serving cord connected lights on imitation trees. Of course, this type of installation does not meet installation requirements in the 2011 NEC.


Article 400 covers the general requirements, applications, and construction specifications for flexible cords and flexible cables. As noted in 400.7(A), flexible cords and cables shall be used only for the following

  1. "Pendants
  2. Wiring of luminaires
  3. Connection of portable luminaires, portable and mobile signs, or appliances
  4. Elevator cables
  5. Wiring of cranes and hoists
  6. Connection of utilization equipment to facilitate frequent interchange
  7. Prevention of the transmission of noise or vibration
  8. Appliances where the fastening means and mechanical connections are specifically designed to permit ready removal for maintenance and repair, and the appliance is intended or identified for flexible cord connection
  9. Connection of moving parts
  10. Where specifically permitted elsewhere in this Code"

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