In this photo, we see a PVC pipe secured to a pole. The PVC pipe itself has not been damaged by sunlight since it is constructed to be "resistant to sunlight effects" in accordance with 352.100. The clip, on the other hand, has been severely damaged by the effects of being in the direct rays of the sun for a prolonged period of  time. The clip has become very brittle and has cracked almost completely through.

Hint: Disappearing act

This is a violation of 300.6(C), which requires nonmetallic raceways, elbows, couplings, fittings, supports, and support hardware to be made of material approved for the condition they are placed. These items shall also comply with 300.6(C)(1), which states "where exposed to sunlight, the materials shall be listed as sunlight resistant or shall be identified as sunlight resistant." The material that the clip was made of is clearly not sunlight resistant.

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