"Here is a picture of an actual energized and working electrical service for a college dormitory that we are going to have to clean up," says Dave R. Helriegel of Gillan & Hartmann, Inc., Valley Forge, Pa . "We are trying to figure out where to start first."

This equipment arrangement is totally unacceptable. First, let's call attention to a few evident hazards. All of the open enclosures can easily lead to a shock hazard for anyone in this space. This equipment is clearly not installed in a neat and workmanlike manner, as called for by 110.12. The lack of proper working space about electrical equipment violates the requirements of 110.26. There is also a lack of illumination in this area, which is a violation of 110.26(D). Finally, it looks like this equipment is installed on some old boards that look like they are insecure.

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