The rules covering this subject for a motor disconnecting means are noted in 430.102(B). When the equipment includes electric-discharge lighting systems of more than 1,000V, as in this installation, the rules of 410.141(A) and (B) also apply.

Section 410.141(A) states, "Luminaries and lamp installations shall be controlled either singly or in groups by an externally operable switch or circuit breaker that opens all ungrounded primary conductors."

Section 410.141(B) states, "The switch or circuit breaker shall be located within sight from the luminaires (fixtures) or lamps, or it shall be permitted elsewhere if it is provided with a means for locking in the open position. The provisions for locking or adding a lock to the disconnecting means must remain in place at the switch or circuit breaker whether the lock is installed or not. Portable means for adding a lock to the switch or circuit breaker shall not be permitted."

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