Ron LaRosa, president of R&L Maintenance, Inc., in Oak Park, Ill., made reference to these three Code sections when citing violations for this installation.

  1. “110.11 — Equipment cannot be installed in an environment that will have a deteriorating effect.

  2. “110.27 — It appears this disconnect does not have a door interlock, which would prevent you from opening it with the switch in the closed position, and coming into contact with live parts.

  3. “300.6 — Electrical equipment and materials must be protected against corrosion.”

Charles L. Rogers Sr., SSA Regional Engineering / Smith Group, Social Security Administration — Region 4, Atlanta, offered these comments. “No lockout means; I question the 3-phase circuit to single-phase equipment; the conductors are routed through restricted space; electrical continuity is in jeopardy because of rust; phase conductors may not be properly identified; and equipment is failing because of corrosion.”

Tony Helms of the BCF Group, El Cajon, Calif., added these comments. “Bad connections at terminations. The un-switched white conductor is unused. Equipment grounding is questionable because of rusted out dirty switch enclosure, and it is corroded too!”

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