Congratulations to the following three readers who correctly identified the problems associated with this installation: Rich Varner, project manager/estimator, Varner Electric, High Point, N.C.; Richard Barnett, owner, Barnett General Contracting, Covington, Va.; and Benjie Linkous, P.E., consulting engineer, Hurd & Obenchain, Inc., Roanoke, Va.

These respondents correctly pointed out three Code violations.

  1. As per 314.19, “Screws for supporting the box shall not be used in attachment of the device contained therein.” As you can clearly see in the photo, the box mounting screws are also holding the receptacle in place.

  2. As per 314.25, “In completed installations, each box shall have a cover, faceplate, lampholder, or luminaire (fixture) canopy, except where the installation complies with 410.14(B).” The requirements of 410.14(B) do not apply to this installation.

  3. Although it's difficult to see in this photo, it appears there is no ground pigtail present in this installation. This is a violation of 404.9(B), grounding provisions for general-use snap switches.

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