Here’s a list of the violations noted with this installation.

110.3(B) – "Listed or labeled equipment shall be installed and used in accordance with any instructions included in the listing or labeling."

392.5(B) – "Cable trays shall not have sharp edges, burrs, or projections that could damage the insulation or jackets of the wiring."

392.5(D) – "Cable trays shall have side rails or equivalent structural members."

392.6(C) – “Supports shall be provided to prevent stress on cables where they enter raceways or other enclosures from cable tray systems. Cable trays shall be supported at intervals in accordance with the installation instructions."

392.6(G) – “Cable trays shall be permitted to extend transversely through partitions and walls or vertically through platforms and floors in wet or dry locations where the installations, complete with installed cables, are made in accordance with the requirements of 300.21.” The requirements of 300.21 state, “Openings around electrical penetrations through fire-resistant rated walls, partitions, floors, or ceilings shall be firestopped using approved methods to maintain the fire resistance rating."

392.7(B)(1) – “The cable tray sections and fittings shall be identified for grounding purposes.”

392.7(B)(4) – “Cable tray sections, fittings, and connected raceways shall be bonded in accordance with 250.96, using bolted mechanical connections or bonding jumpers sized and installed in accordance with 250.102.”

800.18 – “Equipment electrically connected to a telecommunications network shall be listed in accordance with 800.170. Installation of equipment shall also comply with 110.3 (B).”

392.6(G) was most likely not visible in the pictures that I sent you although it was also present at the location.

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