We had two winners this month.

Herb Short, P.E., an electrical engineer with Wright-Pierce in Topsham, Maine, offered up these comments in reference to the May photograph. “The junction box appears to be located on the side of a pier piling (assuming the yellow colored material is a foam boat bumper). Therefore, the rules of Art. 555 would apply to this installation. This JB is obviously not waterproof. Based on evidence of water entry (rusted-away cover screws and rusted box retaining screw heads), this is probably a violation of 555.9, and possibly 555.10(A) and (B). Wire congestion and splicing method would imply violations of 314.16 and 110.14(B).”

Gregg Shive, an apprentice electronic mechanic for Harley-Davidson in York, Pa., generated this list of Code violations.

  • 314.15(A), Damp or Hazardous Locations — “you must prevent moisture or water from entering the box.”

  • 314.40(A), Corrosion Resistant — “metal boxes are to be corrosion resistant.”

  • 314.41 — “covers are to be lined with firmly attached insulating material.”

Shive added, “I would also question the number of conductors in the box, according to the requirements of 314.16.”

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