Larry Castillo, electric shop foreman, Denver Water Department, Denver; Dennis Schlitt, senior electrical engineer, Integrated Design Solution, Troy, Mich.; and George Farrell, proprietor, George W. Farrell & Associates, Crystal Lake, Ill., identified quite a few Code violations, poor design and installation practices, and breaches of safety in the June photo:

  • Lack of working clearance in front of panelboards and transformer [110.26(A)].

  • Lack of adequate ventilation around transformer (450.45).

  • The conduit above the blue cabinet isn't adequately supported within 3 feet of the cabinet [344.30(A)].

  • The copper water line above the panelboards violates the dedicated space requirement of 110.26(F)(1)(a).

  • There appears to be corrugated cardboard (maybe carpeting strips) stacked against the switchboard to left. And a roll of what appears to be carpet is stacked between the blue wall-mounted panelboard and the green object, which appears to be a ventilated transformer. And ladders and other objects are leaning against the side of the enclosed circuit breaker on the back wall. This violates 110.23(A) and (B) and possibly 450.9.

  • Access is blocked by carts and other materials. This doesn't meet requirements for readily accessible or for working space. [Definitions and 110.26 (A) and (B) and 450.13].

  • Possible hazardous and/or flammable materials in the form of cleaning supplies are stored in this space. The vapors from these supplies often attack insulation or corrode metals [110.11, FPN No. 2].

  • Large blue tank in foreground appears to contain pressurized substances.

  • Although this is a recent NEC addition and isn't retroactive, safety would be improved if the equipment had arc-flash hazard labels installed in accordance with 110.16 of 2005 NEC.

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