In hindsight, this violation was rather easy to identify. Although many of you made a quick identification of the problem, these three individuals were the quickest e-mail submitters of the group: Steven Porter, chief electrician, Liberty Mutual Insurance Company, Boston; Drew Franklin, LC, IES, electrical designer, Peter Basso Associates, Inc., Troy, Mich.; and Howard Underwood, Barboursville, W.V. All three correctly noted that lampholders aren't permitted in clothes closets. This type of installation violates the requirement set forth in 410.8(C) of the NEC, which states, “Incandescent luminaires (fixtures) with open or partially enclosed lamps and pendant luminaires (fixtures) or lampholders shall not be permitted.”

Underwood also doubted whether this particular installation of a dual lamp socket with a second dual lamp socket would meet the UL listing of the product.

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