The individual inspecting this installation got a real surprise, didn't they? Yes, that's a block of ice in the bottom section of this box.

A rigid PVC enters the top of the box. Unfortunately, the installer didn't use the proper fitting and locknut to attach it to the box in this wet location. As noted in a portion of 352.10(D), "PVC conduit shall be permitted in portions of dairies, laundries, canneries, or other wet locations, and in locations where walls are frequently washed, the entire conduit system, including boxes and fittings used therewith, shall be installed and equipped so as to prevent water from entering the conduit."

In addition, the liquidtight flexible nonmetallic conduit (LFNC) and associated fittings used on the left and right side of the box are required to be listed per 356.6. (Note: LFNC is defined in Section 356.2). Angle connectors shall not be used for concealed raceway installations. Straight LFNC fittings are permitted for direct burial or encasement in concrete, as per 356.42.

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