The following individuals correctly identified the Code violations shown in the October column: Cindy Stellmack, facilities electrical engineer, Lockheed Martin, Owego, N.Y.; Paul Bazil, P.E., electrical engineer, U.S. Coast Guard, Civil Engineering Unit, Cleveland; and Michael Doberdruk, P.E., senior electrical engineer, Richard L. Bowen & Associates, Architects & Engineers, Cleveland.

Each winner noted the following violations. The cover used in this street installation is inadequate. For conductors energized to 600V, NEC Table 300.5 requires a minimum cover of 24 in. Those energized at more than 600V require a cover of 30 in. (300.50). In addition, the backfill in the trench is unsuitable for this installation [300.5(F)]. RNMC and associated fittings must be listed and installed in accordance with 352.48 and 352.6.

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