Kristian M. Koellner, senior engineer, system protection, SRP, Phoenix, submitted this response to the photo in the August issue. “No unnecessary splices or taps are allowed within or on a luminaire (fixture) per 410.28(D), and wiring on or within fixtures must be neatly arranged and cannot be exposed to physical damage per 410.22. Also, excess wiring must be avoided. This wiring method is not listed to be used in this manner.”

Dan Naugle, P.E., engineering manager, Boeing, Moore, Okla., submitted this comment. “As is almost always a given with your examples, this installation violates 110.12 workmanship criteria. In addition, this particular installation appears to violate 334.15(A) and (B) and 334.30 regarding the installation of Type NM cable; 406.4 regarding receptacle mounting; and 410.22 regarding protection of wiring on or within fixtures.”

Todd Volkmeier, P.E., electrical engineer, Advantage Point Group, St. Paul, Minn., cited the following violations:

  • “410.28(D) — No unnecessary splices or taps can be made within or on a luminaire.”

  • “410.22 — The cable shown may not be rated for the high temperatures found in a light fixture.”

  • “406.4 — Receptacles must be mounted in boxes and securely fastened in place.”

  • “406.3.A — Receptacles shall be of the grounding type.”