February Winners

Scott Muggli, an electrical engineer with Dakota Gasification Co. in Beulah, N.D., submitted these comments in reference to the February photo. “Section 314.15(A) is in violation. This installation is outdoors and not protected from the weather, so it is clearly a wet location. Having the outlet lying on the ground does not ‘prevent moisture from entering or accumulating within the box.’ Section 300.11(A) is definitely violated, ‘raceways, cable assemblies, boxes…shall be clearly fastened in place.’ Section 300.4 also applies, ‘Where subject to physical damage, conductors shall be protected.’ Section 110.13(A) Mounting, ‘Electrical equipment shall be firmly secured to the surface on which it is mounted.’ Also, Section 110.12 is violated: ‘Electrical equipment shall be installed in a neat and workmanlike manner.’ This is clearly neither. Finally, 406.4 is also in violation, ‘Receptacles shall be mounted in boxes…and such boxes or assemblies shall be securely fastened in place unless otherwise permitted.’”

Kevin Jackson, P.E., ENGlobal Engineering, Inc., Beaumont, Texas, had this to say. “First off, this cable is clearly not protected against physical damage [Sec. 300.4]. If the cable shown is a flexible cord type, it violates 400.8(1), as it appears to be used as fixed wiring. The conduit box appears to be missing a cover, which is a violation of 314.15(A). By the looks of the box, it doesn't appear to be secured, which violates 300.11(A).”


Correctly identify the Code violation(s) in this month's photo — in 200 words or less — and you could win something to put in your tool-box. E-mail your response to Joe Tedesco at joetedesco@comcast.net, and he'll select three winners (excluding manufacturers and prior winners) at random from the correct submissions. Winners will receive a set of insulated hand tools from Ideal Industries, Inc., valued at more than $125.* The set includes 9.25-inch insulated side-cutting pliers, 10-inch insulated tongue-and-groove pliers, and a 0.25-inch × 6-inch insulated screwdriver.

* Please allow six to eight weeks for delivery of tools.