This "T" was fashioned from some flexible conduit, and then taped. If we were to call attention to the NEC, this would not qualify as a conduit body. As per Art. 100, a conduit body is defined as “A separate portion of a conduit or tubing system that provides access through a removable cover(s) to the interior of the system at a junction of two or more sections of the system or at a terminal point of the system. Boxes such as FS and FD or larger cast or sheet metal boxes are not classified as conduit bodies.” Section 300.15 (Boxes, Conduit Bodies, or Fittings — Where Required) would not recognize this type of installation either. As per 314.5 (Short-Radius Conduit Bodies), “Conduit bodies such as capped elbows and service-entrance elbows that enclose conductors 6 AWG or smaller, and are only intended to enable the installation of the raceway and the contained conductors, shall not contain splices, taps, or devices and shall be of sufficient size to provide free space for all conductors enclosed in the conduit body.”

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