This is a direct violation of 230.28 of the 2005 NEC, which states: “Where a service mast is used for the support of service-drop conductors, it shall be of adequate strength or be supported by braces or guys to withstand safely the strain imposed by the service drop. Where raceway-type service masts are used, all raceway fittings shall be identified for use with service masts. Only power service-drop conductors shall be permitted to be attached to a service mast.”

In addition, as per 800.133(C), “Raceways shall be used for their intended purpose. Communications cables or wires shall not be strapped, taped, or attached by any means to the exterior of any conduit or raceway as a means of support.”

“Exception: Overhead (aerial) spans of communications cables or wires shall be permitted to be attached to the exterior of a raceway-type mast intended for the attachment and support of such conductors.”

There are no rules in Art. 410 [Luminaires (Lighting Fixtures), Lampholders, and Lamps] that permit the fixture to be attached to the mast.

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