‘Tell Them What They’ve Won...’

Using the 2008 NEC, correctly identify the Code violation(s) in this month’s photo — in 200 words or less — and you could win something to put in your tool­box. E-mail your response to joseph.tedesco@yahoo.com, and we’ll select three winners (excluding manufacturers and prior winners) at random from the correct submissions. Winners will receive a set of insulated hand tools from Ideal Industries, Inc., valued at more than $125.* The set includes 9.25-in. insulated side-cutting pliers, 10-in. insulated tongue-and-groove pliers, and a 0.25-in. 3 6-in. insulated screwdriver. (* Please allow six to eight weeks for delivery of tools.)


September Winners

Our three winners this month include: Matt Healy, estimator, Nickle Electrical Companies, Newark, Del.; Jeff Pinter, electrical contractor, Pinter Electric, Florence, N.J.; and Christopher Fay, electrician, South Shore Hospital, Pembroke, Mass. All three individuals made note of several violations in the “intimate wiring contact” photo.

The open knockout in the box needs to be closed up. As per 110.12(A), unused openings shall be closed to afford protection substantially equivalent to the wall of the enclosure.

The NM and MC cables need to be supported within 12 in. of the box and secured by staples, cable ties, straps, hangers, or similar fittings (not tape) [330.30 and 334.30].

Cable wiring methods shall not be used as a means of support for other cables [300.11(C)].

The connector fitting shown is not listed or labeled for use with both NM and MC cable [110.3(B) and 300.15].

Electrical equipment and wiring must be installed in a manner that creates a low-impendence circuit and is bonded for an effective ground fault current path [250.4(A)(3) and (5)].