Our three winners this month were: Paul Blecharczyk, principal applications engineer, Invensys Process Systems, West Roxbury, Mass.; Dedrea Vaubel, electrical supervisor, Modern Building Systems, Aumsville, Ore.; and Eric Y. Huang, electrical engineer, LEED AP BD+C, Brothers & Sons Electric, Quincy, Mass. They all correctly identified violations with this battered box.

The cover is rusty and loose because it is not properly secured. Therefore, it does not meet the requirements of 314.28(C), which specifies covers must be suitable for the conditions of use and must be properly grounded per 250.110.

As noted in 314.72(E), “Boxes shall be closed by suitable covers securely fastened in place.” Wrapping electrical tape around the box does not meet the intent of this Code requirement.

Section 300.6(A)(3) requires ferrous metal equipment be protected from corrosion with an approved anti-corrosion compound; and where exposed in concrete or in direct contact with the earth, shall be made of material approved for that condition, or where provided with corrosion protection approved for the condition.

Lastly, all boxes and covers shall be durably and legibly marked with the manufacturer’s name or trademark [314.44].