Our only winner this month was Matt Lippiatte, an electrical engineer with Reynolds Smith & Hills in Merritt Island, Fla. He knew there were several problems with this pool-side installation, including violations of Secs. 406.9(B), 680.22(A)(2), and 680.22(D).

  • As per 406.9(B), 15A and 20A, 125V and 250V receptacles installed in a wet location shall have an enclosure that is weatherproof, whether or not the attachment plug cap is inserted. Also, 15A and 20A, 125V and 250V nonlocking-type receptacles shall be listed weather-resistant type. The cover used here was not weatherproof while in use. Since the box is slightly recessed into the decking, it’s probably not weatherproof in this position even when it is closed, considering that it’s installed in an outside area that could flood with water during a rainstorm.
  • All receptacles shall be not less than 6 ft from the inside walls of a pool [680.22(A)(2)]. This one is almost 6 ft, but, unfortunately, it is just too close to the pool.
  • The speaker is also placed too close to the water. In accordance with 680.22(D), other outlets shall be located not less than 10 ft from the inside walls of the pool.