Our winners this month include: Myron Brubaker, a self-employed electrician from Selinsgrove, Pa.; Mark Mortenson, owner of Mortenson Electrical Contracting in Lake Shore, Minn.; and Frank Velasco, an estimator with Delta Wye Electric, Inc. in Anaheim, Calif. They all correctly identified the missing disconnecting means in this particular equipment arrangement.

For this installation, the only disconnecting means present were two circuit breakers in a panelboard located in the electric room in another part of the building. According to 430.102(A) of the 2011 NEC, an individual disconnecting means should have been provided for each controller and should have been able to disconnect the power to each controller. In addition, the disconnecting means should have been located in sight from the controllers.

Exception No. 1 does not apply here, because the equipment is not more than 600V. Exception No. 2 does not apply either, because these are not coordinated controllers for a single machine. Lastly, Exception No. 3 does not apply, because these are not valve-actuated motor assemblies.

In accordance with 430.102(B), the controller disconnecting means could also be permitted to serve as the disconnecting means for the motor if it is in sight from the motor and the driven machinery. However, there were no disconnects located in sight from this location.