Website Sponsorships

Reach more than 325,000* unique electrical construction and maintenance professionals with these specific sponsorship opportunities.

* Publisher's own data from 3rd Quarter 2014 report

Category Sponsorships

Finding all of the information on the hottest power-delivery topics has never been easier. You can be the sole owner of all the advertising real estate in a content category, exclusively positioning your brand alongside specific, relevant content.

Topics include:

Price: $3,895 net per month
Minimum 3 month commitment on all positions
Includes: two 728x90 banners, three 300x250 banners and one 180x150 banner

Category Sponsorship Banner Specifications
Image sizes available: 180x150, 300x250, 728x90; supply linking URL, max file size: 40 KB.

File types accepted: JPEG, GIF, animated GIF, Flash, 3rd party tags are permitted.

Special Flash notes: If you are using flash, your clickTag scriptsmust be set up exactly (case-sensitive) as follows in Actionscript 2: on (release) { // if(_level0.clickTag.substr(0,5) == “http:”){ getURL(_level0.clickTag, “_blank”); // }

Creative and instructions should be sent to: Austin Willard


Mobile Site Sponsorships

Have your message reach the universe while they browse the site on their mobile device or tablet and be the exclusive sponsor of the website. Serves 4 ad units on the home page and (2) 728x90’s on article pages. Sponsored categories excluded.

Price: $1,795 net per month minimum

3-month commitment required includes (2) 728x90 banners, (2) 300x250 banners and (1) 320x50 banner


Wallpaper Ads

This home page only placement delivers maximum impact for your branding message. Your ad will serve in the side rails of the home page offering a unique click through opportunity. This month-long sponsorship requires custom ad creative. Ask your sales representative for more specification details.

Price: $2,995 net per month

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