Wednesday, September 14, 2016 2PM ET / 11AM PT

The data center industry is seeing a number of trends affecting power network design including workforce shifts, capital and operational expenditure sensitivity, equipment space issues, and the ever increasing importance of both personnel and asset safety. In order to address these needs we need innovation that raise the bar in medium voltage distributions switchgear design.

First, we need to address the issue of reliability by increasing the life expectancy of switchgear. We can do this through innovations that extend maintenance cycles and better protect key components from environmental factors that degrade switchgear performance and life expectancy. Secondly, we need to address project costs from multiple angles including ease of design to decrease engineering man-hours, ease of installation to decrease technician man-hours, and decreasing maintenance in order to save operational cost over switchgear lifetime. By moving forward with new, innovative medium voltage switchgear designs we can address the issues of the data center industry.

Attendees will:

  • Learn the classifications of MV Switchgear
  • Understand the innovations and benefits of new MV Switchgear Designs
  • Discover how to apply new MV Switchgear Technology

Joe Richard - US Premset Launch Manager - Schneider Electric

Joe Richard is the US Launch Manager for Schneider Electric’s Premset Switchgear. Joe graduated from the Georgia Institute of Technology with a BS degree in Electrical Engineering in 2007, and has been with Schneider Electric since 2008. He has worked in a variety of roles including Sales, Marketing, and Business Development. Joe’s main focus has been Medium Voltage Distribution Switchgear and its applications. His professional interests include Power Distribution, Energy Efficiency, Power Protection and Automation, Energy Storage, and Renewable Energy.


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