Moving Violations Video No. 29, by Russ LeBlanc, NEC Consultant, EC&M Magazine

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Anonymous (not verified)
on Aug 9, 2012

So the bonding conductor has to be the same gauge as the conductor in the conduit. How would that even be possible??

Anonymous (not verified)
on Aug 11, 2012

I would have used a 2-screw connector instead of a bonding bushing to terminate the conduit...

Steve Danielson (not verified)
on Aug 11, 2012

I watched your video on installing an electrical outlet with romex cable into a metal box and noticed a couple of issues and violations. First, the ground wire needs to be gounded to the metal box first and not through the receptacle ground strap.Grounding the box through the receptacle is a violation. Secondly, the metal adapter cover is just that, a cover, not a plate. When we say plate, we refer to a finished plate. Thirdly, the receptacle is not to be installed until the drywall is in place. That's because the receptacle ears are made to mount onto or lay flat on top of the drywall to secure the receptacle without being buried beneath it. If it buried beneath it, the receptacle would be hard to remove to access the wiring in the box.

Hope this helps,

Steve Danielson
Licensed Master Electrician

Russ LeBlanc (not verified)
on Aug 14, 2012

Steve, Where did you see this video? I've never made a video on that subject.


Ron (not verified)
on Aug 23, 2012

Are you sure it was a grounding electrode conductor and not supplemental bonding for information technology equipment or similar not intended to carry fault current but be only supplemental to the code required equipment grounding / bonding normally found in a circuit and covered by the NEC?

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