Moving Violations Video No. 28, by Russ LeBlanc, NEC Consultant, EC&M Magazine

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Dave Reichman (not verified)
on Jul 27, 2012

The code is filled with instances where flex is allowed but not to exceed 6 ft. in length. Did the EMT lobby win out on this? I see many instances where flex connections greater than 6 ft. would make for a much better installation such as routing the flex away from equipment access panels to get at internal parts, air filters, etc. Six feet is too short in many cases to give the installer "flexability" in making the installation. This rule needs to be evaluated and changed as I see no real safety issue being addressed here with such a limited length. Raise it to 10 ft. or something more realistic. Also, there should be an FPN or similar exception that in very tight spaces where ridgid conduits would be quite difficult to install or retrofit, that flex can be used if a grounding conductor is included which should always be the case as I have seen instances where flex pulls apart or out of connectors. This also goes for EMT that gets stepped on in verticle chases in buildings over the years, thus breaking the ground path assumed to be provided by the raceway.

Russ LeBlanc (not verified)
on Aug 6, 2012

Thanks for the input. If you truly feel strongly about changing the rules, try writing a proposal to change the NEC. Of course it's too late for the 2014 NEC, but you can try for the next cycle! Gather your supporting data and substantiate your reasons. It's a great public process.

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