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Mel Brandle

Storage facility Owner, Supercheap Self Storage Adelaide

Skills: Storage, Removal Expert

Career Summary:

In a typical day in Mel Brandle life, there is quite a hectic schedule going on! Aside from his day job at the Supercheap Storage outlet in Adelaide, Mel is also a father to 3 young and rambunctious children - Jacod, Amy and Paul. They are an energetic bunch and enjoy going on trips up to the country and just spending time together as a family.


When the children are otherwise occupied, Mel takes the time out to work on his dirt bike. As the champion of the Ausralian Dirt Track Racing circuits, he has to keep his machines well-oiled and in tip-top shape in order to stay on top! He has been competing since he was a teenager and continues to enjoy servicing his personal equipment and simply racing for the thrill of it.


And it’s a well deserved break away from reality because his working days are just in need of a strong leader at the helm. As the owner of the Adelaide Supercheap Storage outlet, Mel is required to make lots of decisions and keep his business running like a well-oiled dirt bike too! And all for the benefit of its customers, Supercheap Storage has an amazing system that works perfectly for anybody who is looking for self storage solutions for their home or business.


Supercheap Storage Broken Hill and Far West was started to understand exactly what a customer wants from a storage service and to make sure that we are able to come up with a tailored plan to address those needs. With our portable storage services, we currently bridge a gap that the traditional storage companies never foresaw - we can bring the whole storage system to you and make storage services uber accessible for anybody!


We’ve got spacious warehouse spaces and 2 sizes of portable modules for you to choose from - at 7 cubic metres and 10 cubic metres, you can rest assured that your items have more than enough room with Supercheap Storage. And not only that, but our portable storage modules are made of industrial quality plywood. That means that the whole module is lightweight and porous, allowing your items to be ventilated throughout their stay with Supercheap Storage right from the minute that they are loaded inside.


In addition, we are able to cut prices for our services because of this portability. We absorb the costs of transport, labour and fuel. And we are also able to help you save precious time having to navigate possibly unfamiliar routes to the storage facility. Because it is our personal fleet that attends to you, we can keep track of your items at any stage of the move!


Other services for storage in Adelaide can’t compete with us; we have years of experience to offer our customers not only when we provide them quality self storage services but also because we constantly seek to keep Storage Prices Adelaide amazingly cheap for whatever services they need! Choose Supercheap Storage to meet your storage needs today!

Specialties: storage, self storage, portable storage

Current Roles:

Store Owner


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