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Skills: Storage, organizing, removal

Career Summary:

Mark Sindone is a fan of challenges, so much so that he must have challenged himself to go all out for himself in the recent years if his achievements are anything to go by!


Mark is just a little over the age of 20 and on paper, he’s still a student. He’s halfway through his second degree (Law) at the University of Sydney with 2 years to go and at the same time, using what he learnt during his commerce studies prior to this to run a very successful licensing of the Supercheap Storage franchise chain in the Inner West Suburbs of Sydney.


Learning about a wide range of management skills, Mark was able to build a strong understanding and slowly, his drive to utilise what he learnt in school started to grow. He was keen to build a business for himself that would be able to provide himself some financial freedom, and with the self storage industry, he found the perfect solution.


The traditional companies however posed an obstacle for him. Mark wanted to start a business that had a solid and excitingly unique business plan - one that allowed his customers to experience a premium service not currently offered by the existing providers in the industry. It took a while, but when he found out about Supercheap Storage method of handling self storage solutions, Mark couldn’t wait any longer. 


With Supercheap storage Marrickville, there’s a wealth of things that the self storage company can achieve for its customers in a fraction of the time. Its basis of business is the convenience and flexibility of its plans - they all aim to make the storage process of items as smooth-flowing and efficient as possible. All the while, prices will stay amazingly cheap and affordable for anyone who is looking for that extra space to put their items.


What Supercheap Storage does is drastically reduce the cost of storage by taking everything under its wing on behalf of its clients. Traditionally, besides getting around to deciding that things needed to be put into storage, they needed to pack and organize everything into boxes. If the items were bigger and bulkier, labour needed to be hired so that the items could be loaded onto a rented van and driven the possibly far and tedious journey to the storage centre.


At the storage centre, once the bulky and multiple items had been unloaded off the rented van, the items would have to be reorganized and reloaded into the storage unit. And sometimes locating your storage unit wasn’t as easy as you thought it would be, you would still have to walk through the storage compounds to find it! What a huge hassle, and a waste of time and money! 


With Supercheap Storage, the portable units do away with ALL of that. We bring your personal unit directly to your house. You only need to load up your storage unit one time, in exactly the way you would like it and everything would be done! Trust in Supercheap Storage - we’ll take care of everything! 

Specialties: storage, self storage, portable storage

Current Roles:

Storage Facility Manager
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