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Skills: innovation and conceptualisation

Career Summary:

Edward Carl Thirlwall was born in Sydney, but feels like a native man from Papua New Guinea. His family spent a lot of time amongst the islands there and the whole family used to do a lot of activities together - walking in the bush and trekking. The Thirlwalls also liked boating and visiting the local islands where they would meet the extended family and family friends.


Edward particularly recalls an island called Loloata that they used to visit often; many fond memories were forged there over the ping pong table and while diving in the lodge. It was a very carefree time in his life. All they did those days was to be one with nature, walking through the jungle and driving up to the highlands to visit a beautiful untouched and serene place called the Crystal Rapids.


Back in the present, Edward isn’t quite so adventurous as he needs to take care of his family who all live with him in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. He, however, still ventures out in the bush and the mountains and country sides of Sydney with his kids! He loves to teach them about nature and have them share his love and passion for the great outdoors.


But besides his love for nature, Edward also wants to instill in his kids the important of taking advantage of great value at storage prices Sydney which coincidentally is the same motto as his company - Supercheap Storage Solutions. In the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, Edward runs his company that supplies self storage solutions and unbelievably low prices every day.


And everybody knows that good service and cheap prices is all they’re really looking for when it comes to any business or service, Supercheap Storage business has truly been booming ever since it was set up in 2008. Supercheap Storage has a motto to keep that will keep customers coming back for more - we are all about convenient services at amazingly affordable prices!


Whether it’s because they are renovating their homes and just need a place to put things, or a temporary relocation of some sofa and furniture pieces while they get the new house ready, Supercheap will be there for you to help you get the job done, without breaking your wallet.


Even better than that is Supercheap Storage has taken the steps to ensure our portable storage units are designed just for that very purpose. Being lightweight and transportable makes the storage units easier (and cheaper) for us to help you get your items into a safe place and location for as long as you need. Edward also recalls when they realised that business was doing so well that they had to expand their fleet of transportation vehicles! They bought new trucks which could support three storage units each so we can get to you quicker and cheaper!


Edward is adamant that we keep the Supercheap Storage motto flying high with value added services and massively discounted prices, so when you come to us, you definitely won’t be disappointed!


Specialties: Portable Storage Units

Current Roles:

Company Owner, Franchise Manager


Finance & Economy, Sydney University
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