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Skills: Storage, organizing, removal

Career Summary:

Cameron Robertson has had a pretty normal life so far. He went to school and worked through college to pay his way through classes. After finishing his degree in school he joined a bank as do most graduates and did his time in the corporate world, learning about the inner workings of a business from the perspective of a young and eager man who just wants to get somewhere in life.


All that changed just a few years ago when he decided that he needed to do something different, to break away from the norm and really strike out on his own. Cameron decided to take on his own spin of things and that’s led him to opening up a franchise with the Supercheap Storage Northern Beaches chain in Australia 2 years ago.


Ever since taking up the mantle of being the manager for the Dee Why Outlet he’s never looked back since; Cameron has made significant improvements since he joined in 2012. As a manager, he really looks after the day-to-day operations of the outlet and especially when it comes to the packages that Supercheap offers for storage units, he’s on top of making it a personalised experience for every customer that comes through our doors.


At Supercheap storage, we promise to deliver a tailored plan for your items to get moved into storage and a tested and proven method to store your items better than any other can in the current market. You can choose exactly how you want things moved in - with as much or as little help as you want - so that you decide the final price based on the services you require.


Our more premium services offer a closer guidance on moving day, with our experienced and trained team taking charge of all the items that you need to shift into storage. They will help you handle all your items, big or small and manoeuvre them into your personalised portable storage Warriewood quick as lightning. But not to worry, since it’s YOUR personalised unit, when you chain and padlock the doors you can be assured that your items are safely kept inside all the way until it’s transported to our storage facilities and then until you need to collect the items back from us.


And collecting your items back is just as simple too! We can transport your personalised storage unit back to you, just as it’s been shipped out. Just let us know where you need us to be, and the same capable team will carefully load up the storage unit for you to where you are. You still have your key right? Only you will have access to your storage unit, so get ready to reopen your storage unit when it gets back to you because we’ve guaranteed that your items have been protected all this while.


It’s the small things that really make us stand out, and we’re glad that with Cameron, we’re able to find more of these small points to reach and touch more customers with our dedicated services. So come to Supercheap storage - the storage solution that’s personal for you.

Specialties: storage, self storage, portable storage

Current Roles:

Store Owner


Accounting and Commercial Law, Victoria University
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