The Professional Electrical Apparatus Recyclers League is accepting applications for electrical reconditioning technician Level I certification through its newly launched PEARL Technician Certification Program portal. In addition to the application, the online portal offers information on the certification levels, eligibility requirements, a program handbook, and sample exam questions. Applications are currently being accepted at

“Companies with certified PEARL technicians on staff can expect to reduce accidents, costs, warranty claims, and turnover, effectively improving the company’s bottom line,” said Doug Powell, recently elected vice president of PEARL, PEARL Technician Certification Committee chairman, and president of National Switchgear Inc. (Lewisville, TX). “Technicians certified through the program gain a greater sense of professional fulfillment and can expect to benefit from new opportunities and an extended career path.”

The PEARL Technician Certification program will offer four levels of certification from the entry-level technician (Level I) to the supervisory technician (Level IV). Each level is defined in terms of general experience in the electrical equipment reconditioning business and the complexity of the electrical equipment and related procedures. PEARL is the process of developing the Level II test preparation program and exam.

The PEARL Technician Certification program is intended for technicians who are engaged in inspection, reconditioning, and/or remanufacturing, testing, periodic maintenance of electrical power equipment and evaluation of such equipment for acceptance for service, continued serviceability, or required maintenance. Detailed information on the certification process can be found in the PEARL Technician Certification Candidate Handbook, which can be downloaded on the company’s certification portal. For more information, visit the portal at