When installing coaxial cables beyond the point of grounding, when is it permissible to support coaxial cables by means of attachment to a conduit or other raceway?

  1. In a commercial garage (oil change) pit where a camera is installed, and only experienced technicians work in the pit.
  2. In any commercial location where public access is restricted, and only experienced technicians work in these areas.
  3. Only where it is necessary to support coaxial cables because no other method of support is readily available.
  4. Excluding exception(s), it is not permitted per Art. 820 installation requirements.

Answer: D

As per 820.133(B), "Raceways shall be used for their intended purpose. Coaxial cables shall not be strapped, taped, or attached by any means to the exterior of any conduit, or raceway as a means of support." It's important to note the requirements of 820.133(B) supersede those outlined in 300.11(B) (see 90.3).

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