Q. Disregarding exceptions, which enclosure is limited to 30-foot (maximum) extensions beyond the equipment it supplements?

  1. Metallic wireways, only where limited to a maximum of 30 current-carrying conductors.
  2. Nonmetallic wireways, only where limited to a maximum 20% fill for all conductors.
  3. Busways, as long as the busway is not supplying and supporting flexible cords and cables.
  4. Auxiliary gutters.

Answer: D

As per 366.12 (Uses Not Permitted), “Auxiliary gutters shall not be used under the following conditions:
“(1) To enclose switches, overcurrent devices, appliances, or other similar equipment.
“(2) To extend a greater distance than 9 m (30 ft) beyond the equipment that it supplements.”

Note: The exception and FPN from this section of the Code are not listed here.

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