Q. In a dwelling unit, what are the receptacle requirements for island counter tops?

A. In dwelling unit kitchens, at least one receptacle outlet must be installed at each island countertop space with a long dimension of 2 feet or greater, and a short dimension of 1 foot or greater. When breaks occur in countertop spaces for appliances, sinks, etc., and the width of the counter space behind the appliance or sink is less than 1 foot, each countertop space is considered as a separate island for determining receptacle placement [210.52(C)(2), and (4)].

The receptacle outlet for the island countertop space can be installed below the countertop where no wall space or backsplash is available, as long as the required receptacle(s) is located no more than 1 foot below the countertop surface and no more than 6 inches from the counter’s edge, measured horizontally [210.52(C)(5) Ex].