Q. What are the requirements for supporting outlet boxes above/to suspended ceilings?

A. Outlet boxes can be supported by the structural or supporting elements of a suspended ceiling, if securely fastened by one of the following methods:

  1. Ceiling-framing members. An outlet box can be secured to suspended-ceiling framing members by bolts, screws, rivets, clips, or other means identified for the suspended-ceiling framing member(s). Where framing members of suspended ceiling systems are used to support luminaires, they must be securely fastened to each other and to the building structure at appropriate intervals. In addition, luminaires must be attached to the suspended-ceiling framing with screws, bolts, rivets, or clips listed and identified for such use [410.16(C)].
  2. Independent support wires. Outlet boxes can be secured, with fittings identified for the purpose, to independent support wires that are taut and secured at both ends. See 300.11(A) on the use of independent support wires to support raceways and cables.