Q. What is the maximum number of bathroom receptacles that can be placed on the 20A, 120V bathroom receptacle circuit in a single-family dwelling?

A. There are two options for wiring receptacles in dwelling unit bathrooms [210.11(C)(3)]:

  • One 20A, 120V branch circuit can supply all of the receptacle outlets required by 210.52(D) for dwelling unit bathrooms. This 20A bathroom receptacle circuit is not permitted to serve any other outlet, such as bathroom lighting outlets or receptacles in other rooms. In this case, the Code doesn’t have a limit on how many receptacles can be placed on the bathroom receptacle circuit.
  • A single 20A, 120V branch circuit is permitted to supply all of the receptacle and lighting outlets, as well as other loads, in a single bathroom, as long as no single load fastened in place is rated more than 10A [210.23(A)].