Instant Connect plug-and-play solar panels are designed to eliminate panel-to-panel wiring in residential AC systems and commercial DC systems. The panels feature a set of UL-approved electrical connectors that are integrated directly into the sides of each solar panel, allowing the panels to automatically plug together when mounted on a roof. According to the company, the frames of the solar panels and splices used to connect the solar panels together provide precision alignment of the electrical connectors, eliminating the need to manually wire panels or the need for custom cabling.
Westinghouse Solar
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Mounting System

Based on the design concepts of aerodynamics, the SolarFamulus Air mounting system allows PV installations on weight-limited roofs. According to the company, the system reduces the ballast requirement for the entire array, and the need for roof penetrations is completely eliminated or significantly reduced. Features include venting windows that allow wind and convection to cool the back of the modules, a fast and easy installation process consisting of only five steps and six components, and a stackable rail profile.
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DC-DC Converter

The AP250 is a DC-DC converter designed to be installed with new or existing photovoltaic (PV) systems. Compatible with leading-brand solar panels and string inverters, the converter also works with standard series panel wiring methods. Features include 98% peak efficiency, 97.6% CEC efficiency, solar panel and racking installation options, and a NEMA 4-rated enclosure.
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These solar inverters offer 98% weighted average efficiency, according to the company. Featuring an extended operating temperature range of -40°F to 140°F (-40°C to 60°C), the inverters work with the company’s power optimizers. To enhance design flexibility and grid compatibility, the product line includes 3kW, 3.8kW, 5kW, 6kW, and 7kW single-phase models with grid support for 208VAC, 240VAC, and 277VAC.
SolarEdge Technologies
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Monocrystalline Modules

Suitable for residential applications, these monocrystalline modules feature 6-in. cells and are available in 60-cell and 72-cell models with wattage levels of 255Wp and 310Wp, respectively. Compliant with IEC and UL standards, users can adjust wattage levels in 5Wp increments. Both modules feature either white or black backsheets.
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Mounting Clip

The EZ Solar Mount Clamp-On is designed for roof-mount applications. Using under-the-hem clamping and bolting, the system is constructed of 3/16 in. steel and offers allowable load uplift of 300 lb to 
500 lb, depending on the panel clip spacing. Zinc-plated for UV and rust protection, the product features a threaded hole that allows for top-down mounting of rails or solar panels. Other highlights include a carriage bolt design to prevent thread slipping and four or more pressure points, which the company says reduces twisting and pulling.
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Hardware and Software Products

The Clarity system includes optimization and monitoring hardware products and wireless communications and infrastructure products that enable scaling to the largest electric utility sites. The product offering also includes a suite of cloud-based software management tools that deliver information by analyzing array performance, diagnosing impairments, and identifying remedial action to improve financial performance of solar assets. In addition, the optimizers and monitors can be interchanged within an array and scaled from full array coverage down to the string level or selective coverage.
Solar Power Technologies
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Mounting System

The Polar Bear FR Gen II 10° ballast mounting system for commercial flat roofs features a 3-component design and factory-integrated features to facilitate installation. With a universal, module-independent design, the system offers increased inter-row spacing flexibility, additional mounting holes for wavy roof installation, recycled rubber roof protection pad, multipurpose tab for wire management, PEM studs, and a stainless steel fastener kit. Available in aluminum or G90 steel, a mechanical attachment option is offered.
Panel Claw
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The Brilliance 700kW solar inverter includes grid-friendly features that offer power generation similar to a conventional power plant, according to the company. The inverter offers 2-stage power conversion that provides 480VAC output voltage, eliminating the need for an intermediate transformer. Equipped with an outdoor-rated enclosure, the unit is UL- and CSA-certified.
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The Radian Series inverter/charger simplifies the design and installation of grid-interactive and standalone power systems. Featuring 8,000W of continuous power and 120/240Vsplit-phase power, the unit includes dual AC inputs, a flexible design for systems between 8kW and 80kW, and the company’s core FX FET board technology. The product also provides the ability to connect to the grid and recharge the batteries from a generator, offering a continuous power supply even if emergency conditions last a week or more. The 120/240V output integrates directly into standard home wiring, while the modular parallel architecture combined with a HUB Communication Manager offers the ability to build a system to power almost any load. 
Outback Power Technologies
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Flexible Modules

Designed for commercial and industrial rooftops, PowerFLEX BIPV modules offer 12.6% aperture efficiency, according to the company. The flexible module features a large format 
(5.75 m × 0.5 m) and a 300W power density, providing 50% more energy and power than the current amorphous silicon standard. With a weight of 
0.7 lb/ft2, the units can be applied directly to a roofing surface, require no mounting hardware or roof penetrations, and create no additional wind load.
Global Solar Energy
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Designed for large commercial and electric utility-scale photovoltaic systems, these recombiners are listed to 
UL 1741 for up to 1,000VDC and 2,560A. The recombiners can be specified with disconnects or contactors that meet the fuse servicing requirements of the 2011 NEC [690.16.(B)] and with a ground-fault interruption (GFI) solution. By using a differential current sensor(s) to detect leakage current in the array wiring, the units can be set to automatically disconnect the ungrounded conductors as soon as a single-sided ground fault is detected. 
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Utility-Scale Inverters

When used with Ampt module-level converters, these electric utility-scale inverters offer a two-thirds increase in output power over the company’s standard inverter platform. With the inverters in Ampt Mode, users can achieve an inverter cost reduction of up to 40% for the same power level. By operating at a higher and narrower voltage range, the optimized inverters increase operating efficiency and reliability. 
LTi REEnergy
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AC Panels

SunPower E18/225 AC solar panels offer panel-level DC-AC power conversion. Suitable for use on complex or shaded roofs, the panels offer up to 50% more energy density and reduce installation time by 20% or more, according to the company. In addition, the products feature an operating temperature range of -45°C to +85°C, an anodized aluminum alloy black frame, and an IP65-rated junction box with three bypass diodes.