Irradiance Meter

The Survey 100 irradiance meter uses a precision PV cell sensor for highly accurate irradiance measurement, displaying results in either Wm-2 or BTU/h/ft2 and making it suitable for both solar PV and solar thermal site installations. The device also incorporates a digital compass, digital tilt meter, and dual-channel precision thermometer. These features allow users to quickly identify the location where maximum levels of solar power can be collected and accurately measure irradiance, roof pitch, orientation, and ambient air/PV module temperature. Battery-powered, the instrument incorporates a display hold feature that enables site readings to be captured in difficult locations.
Seaward Solar
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Combiner Box

The Solarlok is a 5-string input, plug-and-play combiner box for residential PV systems. Offering a simple 4-step installation process, positive and negative PV input string connectors plug in on the outside of the box. Internally, the box is prewired so that each input string can be fused up to 15A and combined in parallel to a single output. Four ¾-in. knockouts allow output conduit to exit in any direction. Additionally, each input string can handle a PV short circuit current up to 9.6A.
Tyco Electronics
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DC Connectors

Designed for solar junction boxes, field installations, and photovoltaic (PV) grid wiring, SolarSpec DC connectors are IP67-sealed. The connectors feature an internal locking mechanism that prevents accidental or unauthorized decoupling of the connector during service in the field. With contact resistance of less than 0.5 mΩ, the contact can handle 30A and accommodates 2.5-mm2 and 4-mm2 to 6-mm2 
(14 AWG and 12 AWG to 10 AWG) cable. In addition, the products remain fully sealed when mated and feature an enhanced strain relief design.
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PV Box

The PV Box is a customizable pre-wired device designed to meet the growing demand of a large-scale grid-tied solar farms and large commercial installations in the harshest environments. The contents of a box include Xantrex solar inverters, DC combiner boxes, step-up transformers, and a medium-voltage switch housed in a prefabricated building. All equipment is housed in one building to allow quick field wiring from both the solar arrays and the electric utility grid connection point. Optional items include climate controls, security equipment, array string monitoring, SCADA monitoring equipment, and power metering
Schneider Electric
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Combiner Boxes

The CB Series combiner box is customized to fit the needs of a user’s array with up to 36 PV string circuit capacity, 8A to 15A fuse options, and disconnects to fit small or large arrays. The box is rated 1,000VDC and is UL 1741-listed. The components are enclosed in a NEMA 4X-rated steel cabinet that features rounded corners with a polyester, light grey, powder-coated finish. The reversible door includes a poured-in-place polyurethane seamless gasket that makes the cabinet weatherproof. 
Circle 364


String Inverters

AE String inverters are suitable for residential and small commercial rooftop installations. Featuring a 97% California Energy Commission (CEC) efficiency, the inverters offer power ranges from 3.8kW to 7kW and are the industry’s first such product to offer standard ZigBee wireless monitoring, according to the company.
Advance Energy Industries
Circle 365



Suitable for medium-sized photovoltaic (PV) systems from 10kW up to the megawatt range, Sinvert PVM 3-phase inverters achieve peak efficiency of 98% and more, according to the company. Compact and wall-mounted, the transformerless string inverters can be remotely monitored and controlled by means of a visualization system via an Ethernet interface of the PV system. Available power ratings include 10kW, 13kW, 17kW, and 20kW.
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80-Cell Module

The KD 315 is a 315W, 80-cell module designed for large-scale solar installations. Features of the UL-certified module include a UV-stabilized black anodized frame, easily accessible ground points, junction box technology with 12 AWG PV wire to work with transformerless inverters, and locking plug-in connectors for quick connections.
Circle 367



The IPV-30kW-480 photovoltaic inverter is suitable for 480V commercial rooftop installations. Weighing 94 lb and measuring 36.5 in. tall, the inverter fits into a building’s existing mechanical room and can be easily mounted onto a wall by two technicians, according to the company. Features include high string voltage, the absence of any low-voltage drop-out, and very low GFDI trip points.
Ideal Power Converters
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With a power range of 3.3kW to 8kW, PVS300 solar inverters feature an intuitive control unit equipped with a user-friendly graphical display that provides sun meter, solar energy production information, and help/settings menus. A built-in data logger displays and stores the exact daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly production up to 
24 yr. In addition, the display can be detached from the inverter and mounted on a wall to monitor inverter performance from outside the installation room. An in-built microprocessor monitors internal protection devices and immediately transmits error messages or information to the inverter display and optionally over the Internet as an email in the event of a problem.
Circle 369



Designed for commercial and large-scale electric utility applications, the Quasi-mono solar module line now includes 21 additional models. Available in 60-cell and 72-cell designs, the modules offer power ratings ranging from 230W to 320W. In addition, the products are UL-certified.
Aide Solar
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