Wall-mount LED

Trilux wall-mounted luminaires feature Luxeon K2 9W, 18W, 36W, and 50W LEDs mechanically bonded to an aluminum heatsink. The LEDs provide 5,500K lumen output in neutral white, warm white, red, and blue color options. Available in five diameters from 2½ in. to 5 in. and 10 fixture sizes from 3 in. to 9½ in., the product also features an LED driver that accepts input voltages from 100VAC to 277VAC.
U.S. Architectural Lighting
Circle 200

Pump motors

Elektrimax oil well pump motors feature a TEFC AC design “D” designation that is suited for beam pumping units, punch presses, and similar applications that demand high slip and high torque solutions. Available from 3 hp to 100 hp in 1,200 rpm motor speeds, the product also features an epoxy coating for rust and corrosive environment protection and is VPI Process applied. Oversized re-greasable bearings on both drive end and opposite drive end boost motor life, according to the company.
Circle 201

AC motors

Suitable for conveyor, pump, fan, and textile processing applications, the IronHorse general-purpose AC motor line now includes a C-face style. Offered in 1 hp to 100 hp, the motors have a base speed of 1,800 rpm and are electrically reversible. In addition, the TC frame TEFC motors feature ribbed cast-iron frames.
Circle 202

Insulation and continuity testers

The MIT200 Series of insulation and continuity testers feature a CAT III 600V rating in line with IEC 61010-1. Available in versions that offer insulation testing at 1,000V, the testers incorporate a variety of safety features, including live circuit protection and automatic warning of fuse failure. Additional features include backlit LCDs with a large analog-style arc and a digital readout. Available in two models, the MIT220 offers insulation testing at 250V and 500V, while the MIT230 allows testing at 250V, 500V and 1,000V. Both models feature 1,000-MΩ insulation testing at all supported voltages, 200-mA continuity test current, and a fast-response continuity buzzer with a 5-Ω threshold. Continuity tests are fully automatic.
Circle 203

Diesel engines

This line of diesel engines includes seven air-cooled models from 6.7 hp to 34.9 hp and six liquid-cooled models from 16.8 hp to 64.4 hp. The product line features both single- and multi-cylinder models (50kW and under). In addition, the units are emission compliant to the latest EPA and CARB emission requirements.
Circle 204

Insulation meter

Compact enough to be held in one hand, the 61-797 digital insulation meter is designed to identify whether insulation is performing at an effective, safe level. Using test leads, users can quickly determine the integrity of insulation in new and existing wiring by identifying capacitive, absorption and leakage current at multiple test voltages (50V, 100V, 250V, 500V, and 1,000V) and resistance up to 20 GΩ. The tool also measures earth-bond resistance, automatically senses and displays AC-DC voltage to 600V, and calculates the Polarization Index (PI) and Dielectric Absorption Ratio (DAR). Other features include a pass/fail function, twist-on alligator clips, and a test button for 2-handed operation.
Ideal Industries
Circle 205

LED lamps

The second-generation of Tetra Power White LEDs is designed for use in large backlit channel letters and reverse-halo signs. According to the company, the 1W IP66-rated LEDs shine up to 89% brighter and weigh 45% less than the previous generation. RoHS-compliant, the product features a 50,000-hr rated life and a self-contained heat sink.
Lumination/GE Consumer & Industrial
Circle 206

LED wall light

The Stratus LED linear wall grazer is designed for use with textured walls and other textured vertical surfaces, including stone and brick. Mounted in the ceiling or on the surface behind a cover, the luminaire covers up to a 30-ft wall down to the floor, according to the company. In addition, the product has a 50,000-hr life.
Pure Lighting
Circle 207

Lockout/tagout device

This lockout/tagout device attaches to the panel screws, keeping the panel door locked and preventing the panel cover from being removed. In addition, circuit breakers remain locked off while work is being done. This portable product includes a brass padlock and reusable tag. Measuring 13-in. long, the device can be used on panels 14 in. to 20 in. wide. With available extensions, it can protect panels up to 31 in. wide.
Electrical Panel Lockout
Circle 208

LED dock light

The EcoVations 16W LED dock light exceeds IESNA industry recommendations by providing a uniform light level averaging 6 fc at the back of a 53-ft trailer, according to the company. Available as a retrofit for existing dock arms or as a combo package (including dock arm and mounting hardware) for new construction or complete replacement, the luminaire uses 82% less energy than 90W PAR 38 halogen products and features a 50,000-hr average rated life, according to the company. In addition, it is available with either NEMA 5-15 or C14 plug styles and is UL-rated for wet locations.
Circle 209

UPS battery

The DataSafe 16V front terminal UPS battery line now includes the 16HX800F-FR, a valve-regulated lead acid (VRLA) battery that produces 800W per cell for 15 min. to 1.67V per cell at 77°F, according to the company. Measuring 27.2 in. × 7.0 in., the battery weighs 220 lb. In addition, it produces enough power to handle the runtime for large UPS systems without having to use smaller 12V batteries, resulting in 50% fewer connections.
Circle 210