Forged from chrome vanadium electric steel, the Pliers Wrench includes a push button adjustment with infinite positions for quickly locking onto a variety of objects. With parallel smooth jaws that avoid damaging soft or plated materials, the tool provides even, full-contact gripping of a wide range of sizes. According to the company, there is no unintentional shifting of the jaws and no slipping of the joint. Additional features include a self-ratcheting action, zero backlash under pressure, and a 10-to-1 lever action ratio. Available in 6-in., 7-in., 10-in., and 12-in. sizes, the product offers a choice of plastic-coated, comfort grip, or VDE-insulated handles.
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Vise-Grip GrooveLock pliers feature smooth jaw and straight jaw designs with press-and-slide button technology that adjusts the lower jaw two times faster than any other adjustable tongue-and-groove pliers, according to the company. Product highlights include right-angle teeth that grip in all directions, anti-pinch ProTouch grips, a multi-groove ratcheting system, and all-purpose jaws that adjust to grip flat, round, hex, and square surfaces. Available lengths include 6 in., 8 in., 10 in., 12 in., and up to 20-in. jaw capacity sizes ranging from 11/8 in. to 6 in.
Irwin Tools
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Multi-bit screwdriver

This 5-in-1 non-conductive screwdriver meets ASTM F1505-94 and IEC900 standards and complies with OSHA 1910.335 regulations and NFPA 70E standards. UL- and VDE-listed, the screwdriver is certified to 1,000VAC, 1,500VDC. In addition, the product features a high-visibility bright yellow handle along with a permanently bonded orange insulation shaft. Four included bits are precision formed and hardened, and are offered in ¼-in. slotted, 3/16-in. slotted, No. 1 Phillips, No. 2 Phillips, and built-in ¼-in. nutdriver. The handle’s interior will store up to eight standard bits, while a powerful magnet securely holds the bits in place.
Ideal Industries
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The 369 high-leverage linemen’s pliers have been redesigned with the rivet closer to the head for improved power. According to the company, the 9.5-in. pliers require only 87-lb psi of pressure to cut through 252,000 psi tensile strength fish tape. Features include drop-forged, high-carbon C1080 steel and the company’s Blue comfort grips. A Code Blue version of the tool is also available.
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