Steel boxes

This line of steel boxes includes more than 500 models in a variety of sizes and configurations and is available with related installation products. In addition to gangable steel switch boxes in numerous depths, the product line features device rings, low-voltage partition covers, fixture supports, covers, closure plates, and wall plates. According to the company, the variable AP installation rings include four adjustable plaster rings that do the work of 28 standard 4s and 5s devices. The AP rings handle all plaster ring installations from ¼ in. to 1½ in. and are constructed from cold rolled galvanized steel.
Circle 300

Floor box

The FloorSource CRFB Series floor box fits into a standard raised-floor air diffuser opening for easy access to recessed devices. In addition, this UL-listed and approved round floor box is approved for use in elevated platforms and stages. Featuring multiple trade-size knockouts to feed four separate compartments, the box has removable dividers that allow it to be field configured or reconfigured to accommodate single services or multiple combinations in one unit. The product also features available GFCI and decorator-style device plates, and accepts a wide range of A/V and communication devices.
Circle 301

Recessed enclosure

The MediaSync product line now includes a multimedia recessed enclosure. Offered with a preassembled box and frame, the enclosure box features stud positioning marks for easy alignment. Additional product features include a 4-in. shallow design, three side openings for the installation of two connectivity points, and a cover with a flex rubber pass-through.
Cooper Wiring Devices
Circle 302

Indoor enclosure

The T1FLO Type 1 vented indoor enclosure features an active cooling ventilation system with a 115VAC factory-installed fan, vent, filter, and thermostat. Constructed of 14-gauge steel with solid or perforated accessory panels available, the enclosure features a lift-off hinge door. In addition, the product comes standard with mounting holes, a terminal block power connection for the fan, external mounting feet options, and a slotted quarter-turn latch. According to the company, the product meets strict UL, NEMA/EEMAX, and CSA Type 1 industry standards.
Circle 303