Power distribution unit

Wavestar mission-critical 400-, 625-, and 750-kVA power distribution units (PDUs) have been added to the company's PowerPak line. Each PDU has the ability to display both critical functions and the company's Branch Circuit Monitoring System (BCMS) in a single monitor. In addition, the product's monitoring system can provide these points remotely to the building management system via Modbus or SNMP. Other features include a high-efficiency, low-inrush transformer; front access design; compression lugs; plug-in style breakers; hinged panels with two point locks; and bus connections for the transformer and circuit breakers.
Circle 300

DC power system

The Powerpack Scalable DC power system can scale up to 10,000A. Based on the company's 3-phase, 48V Powerpack rectifiers, the product is rated at 200A and offers 93.5% efficient (max) power conversion with available 208VAC or 480VAC input options. In addition, the unit's rectifier bay can accommodate up to 15 rectifiers and provides up to 3,000A in a single bay.
Eltek Valere
Circle 301

Wiring system

The M16 Powerfast wiring system is designed for machine power distribution and motor control. NFPA 79-compliant, the system's 2-, 3-, and 4-pin connectors and tees provide up to 18A in a compact form factor. In addition, the product's cordsets feature tray-rated, exposed run PVC Flexlife cable. All connectors are rated for 600V. Tees are available with simple connectors or branches. Fully encapsulated mating receptacles with nickel-plated brass housings and ½-in. 14 NPT, ⅜-in. 18 NPT, M18, and M20 mounting threads are also available.
Circle 302

Low-voltage switchgear

AKD-20 low-voltage switchgear uses the company's EntelliGuard G low-voltage circuit breakers — available from 800A to 5,000A with fault ratings up to 150 kiloamperes interrupting capacity (kAIC) — as well as the EntelliGuard TU trip unit. Available in 22-in., 30-in., and 38-in. widths, the product's breaker compartment doors have no ventilation openings in order to protect users from hot gases in the event of an arc flash. Additional features include optional safety shutters and closed-door drawout construction.
GE Consumer & Industrial
Circle 303