Automatic transfer switches

Designed for 600V class applications, these single- and dual-operator automatic transfer switches are available in 2-, 3-, or 4-pole configurations for emergency/standby power systems. In addition, the switches are labeled for use with any circuit breaker with instantaneous trip. UL-listed through 4,000A and SCADA capable, they feature front-accessible wiring and rapid arc quenching. Both the Model RMT single-operator and the Model RMTD dual-operator switches feature positive mechanical interlocking and provide high-speed, quick-break, quick-make preloaded transfer via an electrical operator backed up by a safe manual operator.
Circle 300

Maintenance bypass switch

The FirstLine wall-mounted maintenance bypass switch (MBS) features make-before-break interlocking technology. With models available for 208VAC or 480VAC applications, the MBS provides a safe means of removing a UPS from the circuit while maintaining the connection between the load and the utility and not dropping critical loads. According to the company, the interlock ensures the switch is closed and opened in the proper sequence to avoid improper application of power to the system or load.
Staco Energy Products
Circle 301

Transfer equipment

The Square D IPaCs Standby Power Manager facilitates the connection to a portable standby power generator and a manual transfer from grid power to generator power. Factory assembled and prewired, the product features a key interlock system that prevents both power sources from being energized at the same time. NEMA-1 and NEMA-3R enclosures allow the product to be mounted indoors or outdoors, and can incorporate normal power circuit breakers up to 1,200A and standby power circuit breakers up to 600A.
Schneider Electric
Circle 302

Automatic transfer switch

The PowerTRAN portable automatic transfer switch automatically or manually transfers load between two 3-phase power sources. The switch restores power automatically in an open transition by automatically starting and transferring loads to a secondary power source when the primary power source fails or is shut down. Maintenance transfers are accomplished in closed transitioning with no interruption of power. In addition, the product offers fully automatic, manual, and remote operation and monitoring via Ethernet.
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