Focus on Test Equipment

Earth ground testers

The 1625 Advanced GEO earth ground tester and the 1623 Basic GEO earth ground tester feature the company's stakeless testing method, allowing the testers to measure earth ground loop resistances using only clamps. The stakeless testing method doesn't require the use of any earth ground stakes or disconnection of ground rods, as long as a bonded earth ground system exists for the building or structure under test. The testers also provide selective testing, the classic 3-pole and 4-pole fall of potential, and 4-pole soil resistivity testing.
Circle 300

Digital ground resistance tester

The digital ground resistance tester Model 6470 performs grounding resistance, earth coupling measurement, soil resistivity, and bonding tests. This direct reading tester measures from 0.01kV to 99.99kV and is auto-ranging. Its adjustable test frequency from 40 Hz to 513 Hz test voltage is designed to provide rejection of high levels of interference. It can also store up to 512 test results in internal memory and download this data to a PC for analysis.
AEMC Instruments
Circle 301

Electrical safety checker

The PrimeTest 60 is a basic electrical safety checker that provides immediate push button pass/fail indication in 5 sec. The lightweight handheld instrument is battery-powered and is designed for checking the safety of power cords and portable electric tools. It features a large display and test buttons, operating instructions on the front of the instrument, and different adapters to suit a variety of cords covering both 115V and 124V and 14A and 20A NEMA connectors.
Clare Instruments
Circle 302

Fault locator

The MPP1000 Pinpointer is designed for locating faults in shielded, primary, and direct buried electric cables. The fault locator is available in three configurations: as a stand-alone unit that detects electromagnetic impulse; as a single-probe version, which allows for detection of the acoustic thump and provides a measure of the distance to the fault; and as a dual-probe version, which can also provide the direction to the fault. The unit will work as an accessory with any cable surge generator.
Circle 303

Phase sequence and motor rotation testers

The PRM-2 and PRM-3 phase sequence tester and motor rotation testers are designed to assure proper and safe connection of the electrical equipment on 3-phase systems. Both models feature phase voltage loss or voltage sag indication, as well as the ability to check for normal or reversed phases. They also feature an operating frequency range of 45 Hz to 65 Hz. The PRM-3 has a 3-phase motor rotation indication and voltage range phase of 50V to 600V, while the PRM-2 has a voltage range of 100V to 600V.
Amprobe, a business unit of SPX
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