Heat lamps

This line of heat lamps features a locking base design that the company says prevents separation of the base and glass envelope, which can occur in extreme temperatures. Offered in clear and red, the lamps also feature a safety coating that contains almost all glass and other internal elements in case the lamp is accidentally broken.
Circle 250

Conduit bypass

The Electrical Bypass gives users the ability to wire a building that uses conduit boxes with pneumatics or conventional snake/wiring methods. Available sizes include ½ in., ¾ in., and 1 in. Sold in bags of 20, this disposable product is also available in multi-packs that contain five units of each size in clear or red.
Electrical Bypass
Circle 251

CFL ballast

The EcoSystem digital dimming ballast for T4 compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) offers plug-and-play adaptability. System components include daylight sensors and occupancy/vacancy sensors. In addition, the CFL ballast is adaptable, with one model able to control 26W and 32W T4 lamps. Scalable and energy-efficient, the product also has ultra-low (<1W) stand-by power requirements and can dim lights down to 5%.
Circle 252

Electrical cords

The Disaster Recovery and Restoration Series of electrical cords converts dryer, range, or generator outlets into usable power during disaster cleanup, rebuilds, and restoration projects. The NEMA 14-30P (30A dryer outlet), NEMA 14-50P (50A range outlet), and NEMA L14-30P (30A generator) cords offer either a NEMA L14-30R (receptacle) or a 50A Twist receptacle to energize temporary power distribution boxes. In addition, all cords complement the company's lines of temporary power distribution X-Treme boxes, Polar-Solar, Yellow Jacket, Generator Power, Twist-To-Lock, and “Y” and “W” extension cords and adapters.
Coleman Cable
Circle 253

LED exit lamp

The EXL-TPW Series of pure white LED exit lamps is an alternative to conventional T6 incandescent exit-sign tubes. According to the company, the lamps are impervious to shock, vibration, frequent switching, and environmental extremes. Featuring an average life span of more than 50,000 hr, the company says the lamps produce minimal heat and use up to 90% less operating power than equivalent filament-based bulbs.
Circle 254

Cable cutter

The ESC105 battery-powered cable cutter cuts soft-steel armored and lead-sheathed cables up to 4 in. in diameter in 15 sec, according to the company. In addition, the tool includes a retraction stop feature that allows users to momentarily pull the trigger at any point while the blades are opening and then start the next cut without fully opening the blades after each cut. Other features include a pistol-style grip handle and 2-speed pump. Upon completion of a cut, the blades automatically retract.
Greenlee, a Textron Co.
Circle 255

Wire spool protector

The Wire Safety Vault protects wire spools from damage. Available with two translucent sides or one translucent side and one colored side, the product is for use with individual spools without a wire cart or spools on a wire cart. Standard colors include red and blue. Additional colors are available upon request.
Link Concepts
Circle 256

Asset management software

AllTrak Asset Management System lets users manage their construction equipment and tools. The software leverages the wireless connectivity and barcode scanning capabilities of the company's Nomad controller. Using the Nomad and AllTrak Mobile software, users can perform essential transactions such as check-in, check-out, transfers, and additions from anywhere. Users can also produce accurate real-time reports to identify inventory that is under-utilized, at the end of its life cycle, costing money, or making money.
Circle 257freeproductinfo.net/ecm

Aluminum enclosures

The 1550 family of die-cast aluminum enclosures is available in sizes from 2.36 in. × 2.17 in. × 1.02 in. to 4.63 in. × 3.54 in. × 2.01 in. to 10.38 in. × 6.89 in. × 2.56 in. Available with a natural or black epoxy powder-coated finish, the enclosures are offered in either standard or watertight models. The watertight units are supplied with a separate compressible self-adhesive gasket that, when fitted between the lid and base, provides dust and water sealing to IP 66. In addition, all units can be supplied factory-modified with machining and silk screening to users' specifications.
Hammond Mfg.
Circle 258

Prewired connector

According to the company, each of these prewired connectors takes less than 5 sec to install. Available in 3-wire, 6-wire, and 8-wire configurations, the connectors are rated for applications up to 250V, 30A. In addition, they are compatible with a variety of prewired raceway systems, including Wiremold DS4000, 4000, and ALA4800 Series raceway.
Circle 259

LED lamps

The Performance line of LED light bulbs is available in several popular sizes as well as a household A19 shape. Mercury-free, the bulbs contain high-powered LEDs that are harnessed with ocular lenses. In addition, the products offer a 30,000-hr life and use up to 90% less energy, according to the company. Other features include shock- and vibration resistance, no UV emissions, and no warm-up time for illumination or full brightness.
Feit Electric
Circle 260

Box pedestal

The Pedoc family of outdoor electrical box pedestals now includes a hinge-top model. Featuring a slim design, the pedestal includes a durable cover that allows for locking while in use. Available in one gang and one gang divided models, the product is offered in 18-in., 24-in., 30-in., 36-in., 42-in., and 48-in. versions. Colors include polished stainless steel, black, gray, brown, and green. In addition, it is available without an integral base.
Pedoc Power Solutions
Circle 261

Conduit fittings

Tite-Bite fittings for flexible metal conduit (FMC) are now offered in large, straight, and 90° models. The large version comes in 3.5-in. or 4-in. non-insulated steel. In addition, all models are UL-listed and CSA-certified.
Thomas & Betts
Circle 262freeproductinfo.net/ecm

Ground rod clamp

The ERITECH SP58 stainless steel ground rod clamp is made from a non-rigid stainless steel metal strip, which the company says will not crack when excessive torque is applied during installation. In addition, the clamp features a 1-piece thread insert that provides a clean internal thread profile with a tighter thread pitch. Assembly combinations include: No. 10 solid through No. 2 stranded (6 mm2 to 25 mm2) conductor to ½ in. through ⅝ in. (12.7 mm to 16 mm) ground rods, or a No. 4 (10 mm) rebar and other solid ⅝ in. (16 mm) metal rods that can be used as grounding electrodes. The product also is compatible with various types of ground rods and electrodes, including copper, copper-bonded, galvanized, stainless steel, rebar, and plain steel rod.
Circle 263

Lighting controllers

The Vizia RF+ line of radio frequency-based lighting and home controls now includes three additional combination devices: a 4-button scene controller with switch and optional IR remote capability, a 4-button zone (area) controller with switch and optional IR remote capability, and a 2-button scene controller with two switches. Designed for installations in retrofit environments, these devices replace a single switch or dimmer with a multi-button combination switch/controller that provides local load control plus the additional benefit of scene and/or zone (area) control.
Circle 264

Wall-mount sconces

Geometric wall sconces are available in four styles: trapezoid, radius, radius trapezoid, and quarter sphere. Featuring tempered, impact-resistant, clear glass lenses and die-cast aluminum housings and doors, all models are cut-off, dark sky, neighbor-friendly fixtures (except for up/down options). Available in dark bronze, black, gray, white, and platinum, product egress options include battery backup on CFL units and 120V or 12V sockets for remote power systems on all units. UL 1598-listed, they are offered in energy-saving pulse start metal-halide and electronic fluorescent systems.
Hubbell Outdoor Lighting
Circle 265

Pipe block

This one-piece manufactured pipe block features built-in channel technology and is designed for 2-way applications. Available in custom lengths from 5 in. to 78 in., the product is compatible with most piping and roof materials, according to the company. In addition, it is waterproof, UV-resistant, and 100% recyclable.
A-Rise Pipe Support
Circle 266

LED luminaire

Designed for areas with low mounting heights, the Evolve LED garage light fixtures delivers 50,000 hr of rated life at 70% initial lumens, according to the company. In addition, the product reduces energy consumption by up to 50% versus comparable HID products. It also delivers high system lumens per watt in 80W, 110W, and 125W options, and three opticals for general areas, entrances, and exits.
GE Consumer & Industrial
Circle 267

LED luminaires

Super High Power Dimmable LED PAR30 and PAR38 bulbs offer a 50,000-hr life, according to the company. The Super High Power Dimmable LED PAR30 produces 500 lumens and is a direct replacement for a 65W BR30 or a 50W PAR30 halogen bulb. The Super High Power Dimmable LED PAR38 produces 743 lumens and is a direct replacement for a 100W BR40 or a 75W Halogen PAR-38 bulb. Both LEDs are available in a warm white color with a CRI of 83.
Circle 268

ENT support unit

Designed to help maintain a level raceway during concrete pours, the Kwikon ENT support unit (ESU) supports the ENT used in the construction of high-rise buildings. Molded of non-corroding PVC to eliminate the possibility of surface discoloration, the product fits any size ENT from ½ in. to 2 in.
Circle 269

Estimating software

Aces PRO is the first electrical estimating software to be sold on a subscription basis, according to the company. The subscription includes competitive and change-order estimating, all software updates, unlimited support, and unlimited weekly online training webinars.
Aces Electrical Estimating Software
Circle 270

Liquidtight connectors

The Liquidtight ST Series now includes a preassembled KO sealing ring that allows installations to be performed 25% faster than competitors' fittings, according to the company. Constructed of bar stock steel or malleable iron, product features include a slim profile with a small turning radius, crimpable ferrule, and deep ferrule threads that are four times greater than UL pull-out requirements. They also are UL-listed for use in Class I, Div. 2 hazardous and wet locations. Available sizes range from ⅜ in. to 5 in. in most straight, 45°, and 90° configurations with or without insulated throats, external ground lug, or wire mesh strain relief.
Appleton Electric
Circle 271

Cable assemblies

Manufactured with ULTRALX cable, EZ-Whips feature snap-in box connectors and push-in wire nuts. In addition, the assemblies are available in multiple configurations and wire sizes ranging from 10 AWG to 14 AWG. The company also manufactures a DALI unit that includes the electrical and data circuits necessary for energy management solutions in one cable.
Circle 272

Expansion fitting

Type AXB expansion fittings are designed for long conduit runs installed in areas subject to vandalism, theft, harsh weather, and wide temperature variations. According to the company, the fitting permits linear movement in conduit runs caused by thermal expansion, preventing conduit buckling or disconnection. UL-listed, available sizes range from ½ in. through 2 in. with 4-in. and 8-in. movement.
Circle 273