Video entry system

The Ophera video entry system includes a hands-free receiver, two entry panel options, video distribution and amplification modules, and power supplies. The system can support up to four entry stations and a maximum of 100 apartments or suites. In addition, the unit allows up to eight receivers to operate together as a room-to-room audio intercom group within an apartment or suite. The receiver provides 2-way communication over standard twisted-pair cabling and features a 3.5-in. color monitor along with an adjustable display that tilts 20°. Users can choose between two types of entry stations: the 1-button color video entry panel or the 1-button panel paired with a digital entry panel. Both panels are weather-resistant. The 1-button model includes an integrated low-light color video camera with an adjustable angle view and LED backlit buttons. The digital model includes an LCD display with customizable text message and name directory features.
Leviton Network Solutions
Circle 250

Reel-handling accessories

Four reel-handling accessories have been added to the company's line of aerial and underground cable placement tools and equipment. Products include the C reel payout frame, the pole-mount spindle, the reel buck, and the reel caddy. All of the accessories feature durable steel construction, and a bright yellow powder-coat finish for visibility and protection against corrosion.
General Machine Products
Circle 251

Cordless bandsaw

Weighing less than 10 lb, the DCS370 cordless bandsaw features a heavy-duty glass-filled nylon base, a centered handle, and a 2½-in. cutting capacity. In addition, the bandsaw is available with an 18V Li-ion battery, an 18V NiCad battery kit, or without a battery.
Circle 252

LED tape lights

Suitable for new and retrofit applications, Invisiled LED tape lights feature a ⅛-in. thickness and 7/16-in. width. Spaced 1 in. apart, the LEDs have a 50,000-hr life, according to the company. In addition, each LED strip is backed with 3M adhesive, allowing customized lighting designs. Available with screw-based mounting clips, the product is enclosed in a silicone casing.
WAC Lighting
Circle 253

Twisted cable

XHHW-2, XLP USE-2, and RHH/RHW-2 cables are available in solid colors, striped, or numbered conductors and are twisted together for a complete uniform pull. According to the company, the cable's tight unified diameter virtually eliminates jamming in conduit and provides a more stable and easy pull, resulting in lower pulling tension.
Service Wire
Circle 254

LED landscape luminaire

Available in warm and cool light, the BLED features either one or two high-output, 10W LED light engines that deliver 70% of their rated lumens at 50,000 hr, according to the company. Additionally, the 20W BLED has a voltage sensing driver for 120V up to 277V. The luminaire also features weatherproof, high-temperature silicone gaskets and is mounted to a 42-in.-high, extruded aluminum bollard in four different configurations: one 10W BLED, two 10W BLEDs, one 20W BLED, or two 20W BLEDs.
RAB Lighting
Circle 255

Cable cutter

The ES1000 battery-powered cable cutter cleanly cuts 1,000kcmil copper and aluminum cable, according to the company. Featuring a 2⅛-in. diameter blade opening suitable for cutting jacketed underground cables, the product is equipped with a forward/reverse lever that allows users to shift the lever and fully open the blades. Measuring 14¾ in. long and weighing less than 7 lb, the tool uses a 14.4V battery that the company says performs approximately 35 cuts in 1,000kcmil copper per battery charge and recharges in about 1 hr.
Greenlee, a Textron Co.
Circle 256


The 324 excavator is a conventional tail swing unit in the 1.5-ton operating class. The excavator's boom cylinder is attached to the top of the boom instead of the bottom. In addition, the product features a lighter-weight yet durable boom fabrication with cast pivot joints. Other features include an 8-ft, 6-in. dig depth; 14-ft reach at ground level; dump height clearance of 8 ft, 8 in; 13.9-hp Tier 4 water-cooled diesel engine; and two travel speed ranges. The undercarriage hydraulically retracts to a width of 38.6 in. and can expand to 53.7 in. Overall height is 85.5 in. Available attachments include grading and trenching buckets, augur, hydraulic breaker, and hydraulic clamp.
Circle 257

Cutting/stripping tools

This new generation of Stripax and Stripax 16 tools for cutting and stripping flexible and solid conductors with PVC insulation, multi-conductors, and thin ribbon cables features design changes and ergonomic improvements. According to the company, design changes to the tools increase their capability for stripping a variety of PVC-insulated wire ranging from 28 AWG to 8 AWG. The tools also feature sliding gauges that set the insulation depth and a longer strip length of up to 1 in. In addition, a partial stripping feature can be activated to leave the cut piece of insulation on the end of the wire. Other highlights include a detachable grip plate, hinged protective cover on the cutting edge, removable clamping jaws, and an integrated injector that prevents stripped insulation from sticking between the wire stop and the blade.
Circle 258

Breaker tool

With 22 ft-lb of impact energy generated by a 1,800W motor, the TE 1500-AVR breaker delivers up to 1,950 blows per minute to break up floors, slabs, or foundations. According to the company, the breaker offers a best-in-class weight-to-power ratio and features a sub-chassis active vibration reduction (AVR) system that substantially reduces the vibration felt by the user. Additional features include an active cooling system, 3-chamber sealing to keep out dust, and a brushless SR motor that eliminates the need to replace carbon brushes. In addition, the product is compatible with a variety of the company's TE-SP polygon self-sharpening chisels and TE DRS-B dust removal system.
Circle 259

Tool kits

These custom tool kits offer users a choice of more than 80 tools and six different hard and soft cases. Available tools include cable cutters, cable/LAN testers, clamp meters, couplers, crimp tools, driver sets, hammers, hex key sets, multimeters, nutdrivers, pliers, safety glasses, screwdriver sets, shoe handle and knuckle saver brushes, tape measures, telescopic mirrors, wire strippers, wrenches, and more. The cases include an expandable saddlebag; 15-pocket nylon tool case; C-3 case and large tool pallet, with an optional divider set; basic padded zipper case; aluminum camcorder-style tool case; and a 20-in. steel tool box. All bags can also be embroidered with custom logos.
Knight Educational Products
Circle 260

Wire connector

The NIMBUS4FLEX pre-insulated connector accepts a wide range of fine-stranded and standard conductors in single-side, dual-side, and mountable configurations. The product accepts B, C, H, I, K, M, and DLO conductor classes and is available in 2, 3, 4, or 6 ports. The removable plugs are Reflex Blue to differentiate them from the standard NIMBUS offering. UL-listed, CSA-certified, and dual rated for copper or aluminum conductors, the product features reusable set screws that the company says eliminate the need for replacement wire sleeves.
Circle 261

Cable ties

Resistant to chemicals, radiation exposure, and temperatures up to 572°F (300°C), these cable ties can withstand harsh, corrosive, and saltwater environments. Manufactured from 304 stainless steel, the cable ties feature a self-locking ball mechanism that meets low insertion force requirements while maintaining a 100-lb tensile strength, according to the company.
Del City
Circle 262

Reciprocating saw

The Hackzall M18 cordless one-handed reciprocating saw features a dual-gear anti-vibration system as well as a motor that delivers 0 to 3,000 strokes per minute and a ¾-in. stroke length that cuts through many materials, including wood, metal, and PVC. Compatible with the M18 XC high-capacity Li-ion and the M18 compact Li-ion battery, the saw also features the Quik-Lok blade clamp for fast, tool-free blade changes.
Milwaukee Electric Tool
Circle 263

Solar panel footings

These precast ballasted footings are designed for use with solar power systems that use photovoltaic (PV) technologies, including fixed tilt, single axis, or dual axis trackers, or a concentrated solar power (CSP) system, such as the parabolic trough. Constructed of concrete, the company says the footings allow users to custom engineer solutions for specific location, wind speed, tile angle, support and racking configuration, solar module size, weight, local design codes, and project requirements.
Oldcastle Precast
Circle 264

Voltage indicator

The DVI-500 digital voltage indicator reads the voltage on a conductor from 0.1kV up to 500kV line-to-ground and then displays it on a large 3-digit ultra-bright LED display, which is located on the end of a long hot stick and can be used on overhead lines or in underground applications. The product can also measure elbow test points. In addition, an audible indication is given when voltage is detected, which allows users to distinguish between nominal and induced voltages.
HD Electric
Circle 265

Fish tape

Tuff-Grip PRO fish tape is an improved version of the company's Tuff-Grip tape. Enhancements include a larger, more ergonomic handle that results in better control during winding, according to the company. Constructed of polypropaline plastic, the tape is 30% wider than the first generation and features non-slip fingertip grooves for a secure grip and added handling comfort.
Ideal Industries
Circle 266

Cable protection products

Stokbord cable protection products are manufactured from high-impact recycled plastic and are designed to withstand damage from plant and hand tools. According to the company, the products are rot-proof, easy to install, offer enhanced visual warning, and are extremely durable.
Centriforce Products
Circle 267

LED landscape luminaires

The 12V LED Lightscaper product line saves up to 90% of energy compared to traditional incandescent fixtures, according to the company. Each luminaire features die-cast aluminum construction as well as a “Smart Connect” tool-free connector. Available models include seven styles of 1.5W path and walkway units, a 3W floodlight and recessed unit, and an eyelid 1.5W unit. A variety of finishes are offered, depending on model and style.
Hubbell Outdoor Lighting
Circle 268

Saddle boxes

Weather Guard Saddle box Models 126, 117, and 116 have been enhanced to include attachment points for increased security and improved organization capacity. The attachment points are used for securing tools and materials in the truck bed while new “Easy Find” organization includes an adjustable metal tray, a removable parts bin, and a level holder.
Circle 269

Walk-in van

This walk-in van comprises a Utilimaster body plus the company's NPR chassis and 3.0-L diesel engine. According to the company, the van's body panels are designed for quick removal and replacement. In addition, the vehicle offers two wheelbases that measure 134 in. and 151 in. as well as three cargo area lengths of 10 ft, 12 ft, and 14 ft. All models feature 34-in.-wide × 74 in.-high cab door openings and are available with either swing or sliding doors.
Isuzu Commercial Truck
Circle 270

GFCI quad box

Made of impact-resistant polymer, this portable GFCI quad box is equipped with a 6-ft cord, spring-loaded covers, and a standard dual AC outlet and GFCI outlet rated at 15A. Featuring a carrying handle, the product's outlets are UL-listed and provide portable protection for most tools, outdoor equipment, and instruments.
Automation Systems Interconnect
Circle 271