Circuit breakers

These panel- and screw-mount circuit breakers are UL489A and UL1077 recognized and ROHS-compliant. Available in AC and DC trip curves, the hydraulic magnetic circuit breakers protect the circuit in both overload and short circuit. The NDB3-100 Series screw-mount version features a rated current from 1A to 100A, and rated voltages of 230VAC/400VAC, 80VDC in 1-, 2- and 3-pole. The NDB3-30 Series is a panel-mount version featuring a rated current from 1A to 30A with rated voltages of 250VAC, 80VDC.
Automation Systems Interconnect
Circle 200

Power meters

IQ 100 Series of electronic power meters meets or exceeds industry standards for accuracy of 0.5%, according to the company. Suitable for utility and commercial metering in established, new, or upgraded facilities, the meters provide direct-reading metered values for single- or 3-phase applications. Other features include an easy-to-read LED display module option, local or remote configuration capability, and optional communication capabilities.
Circle 201

LED wallpack

Available in warm and cool light colors, the LPACK LED wallpack features a high-output, 10W LED light engine that delivers 70% of its initial lumens at 50,000 hr, according to the company. The light engine also features a die-cast housing and heat-sink mounting pad. Available in bronze or white, the product can be mounted four ways: surface mount over existing recessed boxes, a junction box with five conduit entry points, on a 42-in. bollard, or on a 10-ft pole. The 42-in. bollard can hold one or two LPACK fixtures, and the 10-in. pole can hold up to four LPACKs.
RAB Lighting
Circle 202

Fluorescent extension luminaire

Measuring 22 in. in length, the Model 5330 fluorescent extension luminaire features no exposed metal parts. In addition, the luminaire has hinged hooks and an impact-resistant plastic outer lamp that remains cool after hours of use, according to the company. Available with 4W, 8W, and 15W lamps, the product is UL-listed and meets OSHA requirements.
McGill Electrical Product Group
Circle 203

Drive panel

The AF-6 Series GP panel for constant torque drives features vector modes as well as optional plug-and-play modules. Available in NEMA 1-type or NEMA 12 enclosures with power ratings of 1 hp to 50 hp at 208VAC, 1 hp to 300 hp at 460VAC, and 1 hp to 100 hp at 575VAC, the panel features built-in Modbus RTU protocol with options for DeviceNet, EtherNet IP, Profibus DP, or Modbus installed. The product is also available in NEMA 3R enclosures with power rating of 1 hp to 50 hp at 208VAC, 1 hp to 150 hp at 460VAC, and 1 hp to 100 hp at 575VAC.
GE Consumer & Industrial
Circle 204

Phase rotation meters

The Model 6608 phase rotation meter and Model 6609 phase & motor rotation meter identify phase rotation on 3-phase systems as well as live open/de-energized phases. Both are suitable for installing rotating machinery or motors and for checking generator output. The Model 6609 measures the proper rotation using a non-contact technique on motors, conveyors, pumps, and other electrical devices interconnected on the power line system before installation.
Circle 205

DC-DC converters

The Ultra Low Power (ULP) Series of DC-DC converters provides output voltages from 0VDC to 500VDC through 5,000VDC while consuming less than 2mW of power. The output voltage is regulated, programmable, and can deliver up to 4W of power on demand at more than 85% efficiency. Proprietary packaging produces a miniature module measuring ½ in. high and weighing less than 2 oz. In addition, the product features a shutdown pin that drops current consumption below 10uA. Standard input voltage range is 5.4V to 7.4V, and models are available in positive and negative outputs. Operating temperature range is available in -20°C to +70°C and -55°C to +85°C versions.
Circle 206

Control switch relay

The Time Delay Control Switch Relay (TD-CSR) features a flashing LED that notifies users of a pending trip or close operation in time to evacuate the arc flash area. To reduce the chance of an inadvertent operation, the control buttons must be continuously depressed for 4 sec to activate the 10-sec delay. Other delay times are available.
Circle 207

Safety ladders

This line of safety ladders includes three models. The SumoStance model is a wide-stance extension ladder with adjustable outriggers that triple its base width and increase side-tip stability by more than 500%, according to the company. Both outriggers adjust 9 in. up and down, and proper tilt angle and level indicators help users set the ladder in a safe operating position. The SelectStep model is a multi-position (5-, 6-, 7-, and 8-ft) stepladder that is Type IA 300-lb-rated yet weighs just 23 lb. Suitable for use on stairs and sloping ground, the ladder features the company's AirDeck utility tray and handrail. The MicroBurst model features Fold-Flat technology, storing in nearly half the space of an ordinary A-frame stepladder. In addition, the ladder features the company's StableLock spreader system, creating an A-frame structure that helps prevent ladder shifting or walking.
Little Giant Ladder
Circle 208


Seven models have been added to the company's Monitored line of network-grade power distribution units (PDUs). The PDUs provide a network interface (RJ45 Ethernet) for remote monitoring and remote condition reporting of power and environmental conditions via SNMP, Web, or Telnet. In addition, the products feature a digital meter that locally displays the connected equipment load in amps. Available in two horizontal and five vertical models, the horizontal models are optimized for 1U rack-mount installation while the vertical models are optimized for 0U (vertical) rack-mount installation.
Tripp Lite
Circle 209

Hearing protection products

The KleenGuard line of hearing protection products includes ear clips and earplugs. The H50 multi-use ear clips feature a lightweight chassis and removable foam ear pads. The H30 multi-use ComfortFlex earplugs have an inner stem that conforms to the natural curves and shape of the user's ear canal. The H20 reusable earplugs feature a ridged stem for easy insertion and removal from the ear canal. Washable and wipeable, the product's three soft flanges collapse to conform to the ear canal. The H10 disposable earplugs are bullet-shaped, constructed of soft foam, and can be rolled down prior to insertion into the ear canal. All products are individually packaged and available with or without cords.
Kimberly-Clark Professional
Circle 210

Interlocked receptacle

The ASR nonmetallic interlocked receptacle is suitable for locations where a service outlet is required for portable or fixed electrical equipment. Rated NEMA 4X with an enclosed disconnect switch and self-cleaning contacts, the receptacle comes in 30A and 60A models and features movable mounting feet. Other features include internal mounting tubes, a corrosion-resistant Valox housing, and hidden bottom-mount internal hinges. The product can also be fitted with removable Class “J” fuses.
Appleton Electric
Circle 211