Double-conversion UPS

The SmartOnline SU3000RTXL2U rack/tower UPS system features an optional economy-mode operation to reduce power consumption and BTU emissions. Providing 3,000VA/2,500W capacity in 2U, the unit also offers true online double-conversion operation with pure sine wave output and zero transfer time. Additional features include USB and DB9 communication ports, SNMP slot, PowerAlert software, expandable runtime with optional external battery packs, and a UL-listed 1kVA rackmount pure sine wave inverter with 1U design.
Tripp Lite
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AC voltage regulator

The BVR series of AC voltage regulators features a solid-state “step” regulating design that eliminates full load-carrying transformers and servo-motor control schemes, according to the company. Available in two models, the units feature Individual Phase Control scheme and are offered in narrow (±15% of nominal input voltage, and output accuracy adjustable from 1% to 3%) and wide (±30% of nominal input voltage and output accuracy adjustable from 2% to 6%) standard input voltage range correction styles.
Superior Electric
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Sine wave inverters

The AEP-1000R Series of pure sign wave inverters is now UL60950-1 listed. Offering 1kVA of power in a 1U rack design, the unit is available in input configurations of 12VDC, 24VDC, and 48VDC. According to the company, outputs are regulated to ±3% or better. A built-in 4 msec to 6 msec automatic bypass switch allows for redundant operation from utility power if the DC supply drops out. In addition, the products feature protection circuitry and a digital display to monitor/indicate low input voltage, short circuit, input overvoltage, overtemperature, overload, and low battery. The display also indicates voltage, amperage, power, and temperature.
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The Sitop UPS500S capacitor-based DC UPS provides 24VDC backup without requiring a connected battery. According to the company, the unit protects PLC- and PC-based controllers from erratic power outages by giving enough time for a proper shutdown. Available in 2.5kW and 5kW models, both versions feature compact DIN rail mount designs that match the dimensions of the Sitop Modular 24VDC power supplies for easy installation and wiring.
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Harmonic suppression system

The GenMax harmonic suppression system (HSS) blocks the formation of the 3rd harmonic current, allowing proper paralleling of generators. In addition, the product prevents premature tripping of the breaker that keeps the generator from operating at its maximum capacity, enabling multiple generators with differences in winding pitch to operate efficiently at full capacity by reducing 3rd harmonic ground current to just a few amperes.
Harmonics Limited
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Online UPS

The MGE Galaxy EPS 8000 UPS product line now includes a 1,000/1,100kVA model. The online, 3-phase UPS single-module system feaures 100% rated continuous bypass and output static switches. Offering advanced 12 pulse rectifier and inverter technologies to restrict total harmonic distortion to less than 5%, the device interfaces with leading universal communication protocols and incorporates four communication slots in rack-mount multi-slot cans to support SNMP, J-Bus/ModBus, and RS232-RS485 protocols.
APC by Schneider Electric
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3-phase UPS

The 9390IT 3-phase UPS (40kVA) with double conversion is up to 61% smaller than competitive units, according to the company. Featuring a transformer-less design and standard internal batteries, the UPS delivers an efficiency of 99% when used in Energy Saver mode. Additional features include an onboard, pre-wired and fully integrated maintenance bypass or parallel tie side-car.
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