Office and estimating databases

Sage Timberline Office Version 9.6 and Advanced Assembly Estimating databases offer 64-bit compatibility, simplified general ledger transactions maintenance, Estimating with multicurrency functionality, integration between Estimating and Change Management, and integration with Sage CRM. In addition to current manufacturer pricing, the databases support man-hour and unit pricing, and help estimate self-performed and subcontractor work.
Sage North America
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Designed for retrofits or new construction, One Box is a 23-cu-in. steel box that side mounts to a joist for a secure, fan-rated installation. UL-rated for fans/fixtures up to 70 lb and CSA-accepted for fans/fixtures up to 50 lb, the box features an NM cable connector, two ½-in. and one ¾-in. knockouts, and two sets of tapped holes.
Arlington Industries
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Auger bits

Made from hardened alloy steel, these extended 24-in.-long and 30-in.-long auger bits are designed to help users drill holes with a depth exceeding that of standard 18-in. auger bits. According to the company, the self-feeding threaded screw point draws the bit through the wood, eliminating the need to push the bit while driving the shaft. In addition, the over center flute design allows for the evacuating of chips. The cutting edge can be re-sharpened multiple times and will continue to self feed.
Greenlee, a Textron Co.
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LED lamps

Available as spots or floods, the 7W Energy Smart LED PAR20 lamp and the 10W Energy Smart LED PAR30 lamp feature advanced optical control to concentrate the white LED light on the targeted area and diminish wasted extraneous light. With a CRI of 82, the 10W, 3,000K model produces 340 lumens and offers up to 80% energy savings compared with 45W standard incandescent R30 lamps or 50W halogen PAR30 lamps, according to the company. The 7W LED model produces 200 lumens and reduces energy consumption by 77% compared to standard 30W incandescent R20 reflectors. In addition, the LED lamps feature a 20,000-hr rated life to 70% of initial light output and an 82 CRI. Available in 2,700K and 3,000K versions, both models are RoHS-compliant and mercury-free.
GE Consumer & Industrial
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Temporary lighting fixture

The TL40PMT0 is a pulse-start metal-halide 400W HID temporary lighting fixture. Featuring a die-cast aluminum ballast housing with powder-coated paint, the fixture meets EISA 2007 requirements as well as NEC 410.130(F)(5). Additional safety features include a quick-attach wire guard and a low-profile design. UL- and cUL-listed, the product offers 7 fc of illumination at a 20-ft mounting height, meeting OSHA requirements for minimum illumination.
McGill Electrical Products
Circle 254

Panel strap

The RN-236 panel strap is designed for use with MC cable. Available in standard 20-in. lengths, the panel strap can be cut to custom sizes. In addition, the product is manufactured of lightweight polycarbonate plastic and supports up to 20 cables at a time with only three screws, according to the company.
Time Saver Products
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Stud/voltage/metal detectors

These portable 3-in-1 stud/voltage/metal detectors locate wood or steel wall studs, wires carrying live voltage, electrical metal tubing and conduit, and other solid objects hidden inside cavities or behind construction materials. The MSV250 model uses 4-level LEDs to precisely indicate objects. Hidden metals and wiring are detected by switching between the metal and voltage selectors. Users can also search for wood studs while operating the metal or voltage detector simultaneously. The MSV350 LCD model features an auto-mode setting that allows users to separately or simultaneously search for hidden studs, metal, and wiring. Visual readouts on the unit's LCD screen combine with an audio signal when the device locates its target.
General Tools & Instruments
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Cable support

Suitable for Romex and MC/AC cables, the CER4 cable support features a “stop-bend” design to help prevent cables from being pushed or pulled out of a location during the drywall phase. Additionally, the product maintains the 1¼-in. spacing from the face of the stud required by the NEC, is cULus-listed, and supports up to four cables at once.
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AC circuit identifier

Comprised of a receiver, transmitter, and voltage detector probe, the RT30 AC circuit identifier combines non-contact voltage and light detection with RF transmission technology. According to the company, the product wirelessly detects mid-run AC cables, circuit breakers connected to remote cables, switched branch circuits, individual string lights, and AC power outlets. For hard-to-reach areas, users can employ the clip-on NCV probe to identify AC cables.
Extech Instruments
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LED lamp

This LED product line uses high-power parabolic chips and a collimator lens to direct light. Featuring a long-rated lifetime and high light output, these lamps are suitable for use in a variety of applications, including recessed downlights.
Satco Products
Circle 259

Drill bits

WoodEater drill bits feature a self-feed screw tip that drills three times faster than standard spade bits, according to the company. Manufactured of hardened carbon steel, the product's single construction austemper heat-treated shank provides stability and eliminates wobble. Dual cutting spars are angled to score the hole on entry and exit. In addition, the company says the bits can easily be re-sharpened to last up to seven times longer than standard spade bits.
Vermont American
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Band saw

The X-Band cordless band saw is designed for one-handed operation. Weighing 9 lb (including the 18V NiCd battery) and measuring 15 in. × 95/16 in., the saw features an impact-resistant nylon reinforced body, 21,000 rpm DC motor, all-metal gear and drive train system, super cobalt bi-metal blade, and quick-change blade release. Available in two kits, the STX-250C contractor kit includes the saw, two NiCd batteries, 1-hr quick charger, and molded carrying case. The STX-250B kit includes a saw, one NiCd battery, trickle charger, and nylon tool bag.
Stout Tool
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Energy meter

The Square D PowerLogic E4800 multi-circuit energy meter enables retrofit metering of up to 24 individual circuits as a stand-alone multi-point metering system wall-mounted next to an existing electrical distribution panelboard or as an integrated I-line panelboard for new construction. Complying with ANSI and IEC accuracy standards, the meters automatically push interval energy data over an existing Ethernet or phone network to PowerLogic Tenant Metering on-site or Web-hosted applications for bill preparation, energy analysis, and data export to third-party billing services.
Schneider Electric
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Pipe block

This one-piece manufactured pipe block features built-in channel technology and is designed for 2-way applications. Available in custom lengths from 5 in. to 78 in., the product is compatible with most piping and roof materials, according to the company. In addition, it is waterproof, UV-resistant, and 100% recyclable.
A-Rise Pipe Support
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Cable assemblies

Manufactured with ULTRALX cable, EZ-Whips feature snap-in box connectors and push-in wire nuts. In addition, the products are available in multiple configurations and wire sizes ranging from 10AWG to 14AWG. The company also manufactures a DALI unit that includes both the electrical and data circuits necessary for energy management solutions in one cable.
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