Hot-swappable UPS

According to the company, these two 8kVA SmartOnline hot-swappable modular UPS systems include a corded input that eliminates the need for an electrician to install the UPS via hardwire connection. Model SU8000RT3UN50 features 200V to 240V input/output, and model SU8000RT3UN50TF includes a transformer module for additional 120V output. Both versions include a 50A Hubbell twist-lock plug and heavy-duty input power cord. Other features include expandable runtime, cost-reducing user-service options, flexible outlet configurations, remote management capability, and N+1 configurability for efficient fault tolerance.
Tripp Lite
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Active filter

The STFE Elite Series of Active Tracking filters is designed to be mounted on standard DIN rails. Product features include a metal mount clip, UL-listed surge current capacity of 45,000A, a fully enclosed metal housing, transient protection in all modes (L-N, L-G, and N-G), an operating temperature range of -40°C to +50°C, LED status indication, and a Form C contact for remote monitoring. Measuring 4.88 in. × 2.56 in. × 4.56 in., it is available in hardwire DIN rail-mount, single-phase configurations.
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Harmonic filters

ECOsine T load-applied passive harmonic filters are for 3-phase power electronics with 6-pulse rectifier front ends, such as AC and DC motor drives. Due to the significant reduction in total harmonic current distortion to less than 5%, the company says the filters guarantee compliance with IEEE standard 519. UL-listed, CE-marked, and RoHS-compliant, the filters can be installed inside the electrical cabinet next to the drive. In addition, their standard safety feature continuously monitors filter temperature, controls the internal fans, and provides an NC/C contact.
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