Crimping tools

According to the company, this line of crimping tools delivers 25% more crimping force with 20% less physical effort. Measuring 250 mm in length, the tools feature a “hard/hard” handle combination as well an ergonomic design with an improved gripping position. Made from hardened steel, they are equipped with an integrated ratchet that allows the tools to open only when the crimping process has been completed.
Circle 200

Dimming photosensor

The LS-301 dimming photosensor features a sliding setpoint control algorithm that allows the controller to compensate for the disparate spatial distribution of daylight and electric light. Able to control standard 0VCD to 10VDC electronic dimming ballasts, adjustments are made using an intuitive remote control. An optional occupant remote control permits the automatic lighting level to be temporarily overridden without changing the setpoints.
Watt Stopper/Legrand
Circle 201


The Fluke 113 utility multimeter features a low-impedance measurement function that allows users to simultaneously test for voltage or continuity. In addition to performing diode tests, the multimeter features a min/max function for recording signal fluctuations. Other product features include an integral holster with probe holders, a large backlit display, TL75 test leads, a 9V battery, and an optional magnetic hanger.
Circle 202

Metal framing system

The Kindorf modular metal framing system features a half-slot design and bolted connections. The product's slots measure 9/16 in. × ⅞ in. on 1½-in. centers. Additional product features include scribe marks every 1½ in. and a midpoint mark every 6 in. Finishes include Galv-Drom, SilverGalv, hot dip galvanized, and 304 and 316 stainless steel.
Thomas & Betts
Circle 203

Power distribution cabinet

The FirstLine OC power distribution cabinet provides maintenance bypass, branch-circuit distribution, and voltage transformation in a single unit. According to the company, three interlocked switches provide complete removal of power from the UPS cabinet without dropping the critical load. Featuring top, bottom, and side cable entry options, the cabinet can be installed in raised floor or non-raised floor environments. Additional product features include snap-in breakers and computer-grade grounding.
Circle 204

Light sleeves

Luna Glow emergency lighting sleeves are offered in T12 and T8 sizes. According to the company, the product's translucent, tubular design slips easily over an existing fluorescent lamp. Held in place with provided end caps, the sleeves soak up energy from the powered lamp, providing photo-luminescent illumination in the event of a power outage.
Circle 205


This Type 4X stainless steel wall-mount enclosure features a white polyester powder finish inside and out to reduce solar radiation and keep internal temperatures up to 10° lower that traditional stainless steel enclosures in identical environments, according to the company. The single-door enclosure also features continuously welded, ground smooth seams (with no holes or knockouts), and its data pocket is constructed of high-impact thermoplastic. In addition, the unit includes the company's Type 316L stainless steel small Powerglide Padlocking Handle with internal 3-point latching.
Circle 206

Poke-thru devices

The Evolution Series of poke-thru devices features a flush, all-metal cover assembly with spring-loaded slide cable egress doors. In addition, the devices use 6-in. and 8-in. holes that allow them to be recessed below a finished floor level. The 8AT model uses an 8-in. core hole and provides up to four gangs of power, communication, and/or A/V capability. The 6AT model is designed for a 6-in. core hole and provides up to 2½ gangs of power, communication, and/or A/V capability. This model is also available as a furniture feed device. UL fire classified, both models maintain the fire rating of the floor slab for up to 2 hr.
Circle 207


The 920XC handheld OTDR performs cable acceptance testing measuring loss and distance to all events on the fiber span (connectors and splices) as well as span loss. Measurement results can be transferred to a PC for documentation of cable acceptance testing. In addition, the instrument's auto test mode allows users to connect the fiber and automatically get the distance to the fiber fault. Other product features include a protective rubber boot and a sealed membrane panel run/stop button. Menu functions for settings and trace store and recall are also available.
Greenlee, a Textron Co.
Circle 208

Cable stripper

The Ring-Cut Master cable stripper is AC powered and can rotary cut external high-strength solid steel wire armor on electromechanical cables or fiber-optic cables. Featuring a fully adjustable depth of cut and cam action blade plunging, the tool can also ring cut cables up to .625-in. in diameter. A cable stop graduated in millimeters and inches sets the stripped cable length.
Circle 209

Wire cutter/stripper

The Xuron Model 501 wire cutter and stripper features a bypass flush cutter and cushion handles with a return spring. Manufactured from alloyed steel, the tool also features a thumb-adjustable cam wheel that allows users to strip eight different wires sizes from 10 AWG to 26 AWG. In addition, it locks shut to pack away in a tool kit, drawer, or pocket.
Circle 210


Square D Clipsal professional dimmers control incandescent and compatible low-voltage lighting from one location. Available in 5A (four channels), 10A (two channels), and 20A (one channel) models, each channel provides independent dimming and incorporates thermal overload and overcurrent protection. Dimming modes include soft turn on/off and linearized brightness control. In addition, the devices feature a quick-mounting design.
Schneider Electric
Circle 211


The Titan Series now includes 1,600W and 2,000W incandescent dimmers, 1,600VA magnetic low-voltage dimmers, and wallbox-mounted products for 2-wire dimmable fluorescent ballast applications. Each dimmer comes with the parts needed to build a screwless multigang faceplate in the field. In addition, the devices include a voltage adjustment feature that allows users to reduce “at full” voltage without compromising the sliders' full dimming range. Other features include surge and static protection, power failure memory, an air-gap switch, and an enclosed slider.
Pass & Seymour/Legrand
Circle 212

Fixture box

This nonmetallic device/sconce box installs easily with a 3¼-in. standard hole saw. Designed for existing construction, the product is listed for wall-mount devices/light-duty fixtures up to 3 lb and for installations on ceilings up to 6 lb. Other product features include a 2-hr fire rating, 17.9-cubic-in. capacity, and an installed NM cable connector.
Arlington Industries
Circle 213